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I made one phone call to Capital on Tap, everything was explained to me very easily and within 20 minutes we had the funding we needed to keep up with the changing music industry.

Roland - Fizz DJ and Audio

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Having funding available has helped grow our business massively. The additional cash flow means we can rest easy. With Capital on Tap the process is easy and the funds arrive within a few hours.

Leeroy - Leeroy's Lizard Lounge

Cut down on costs

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Apply now and you could have up to £10,000 transferred straight to your high street bank account within minutes.

There's no hassle with switching banks and not a trace left on your credit history.

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2 Flexible repayment options

We provide two repayment methods that give you flexibility, choice and peace of mind so that you can pay back in a way that suits your business and continue to grow.

Cut down on costs

Fixed weekly repayment taken from your debit card.

You choose the length of repayment between 1 and 10 weeks.

Discount for early repayment.

Repayment is the percentage of your business sales that you choose.

This means your repayment amount reduces when business is slow.

For example: you have selected to repay with 15% of your business sales. If your sales on Tuesday are £100 we will collect £15 from your debit card on Wednesday.

Control your rates
Access funds anywhere

Access funds anywhere

Our online portal means you can request funds and manage your repayments from your smartphone, tablet or desktop.

And with instant access to your funding, you'll always have a safety net available.

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Control your rates

Cut down on costs

Unlike most overdraft facilities, ours comes with no monthly, annual or surprise fees.

You'll always repay in full and can extend your repayments by topping up.

About us

About Us

Our mission is to supercharge your small business with the help of an immediate cash injection.

We strongly believe in responsible funding and look to build long term relationships with businesses to help them grow.

Access funds anywhere
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and grow your business.