What World Mental Health Day Means to a Working Dad

07 Oct 2022

Written by: Capital on Tap UK

I have been in the workplace for over a decade now. I have had many roles, but one thing was always consistent: my brand was that I was available to my customers, 24/7. If you needed something done after hours, I was your HR Business Partner, recruiter or administrative assistant. I did whatever was necessary, whenever it was needed. Mental health wasn’t a consideration, and World Mental Health Day was the furthest thing from my mind.

Not too long ago, my wife and I had our first child, Abigail. Then shortly following her, our second, Addison, was born. My priorities began to shift. I didn't want to answer an email at night because that takes time away from my girls. 

When I became Head of People at Capital on Tap, I assumed I would be inundated with late night tasks and need to be even more available. Capital on Tap was quite the opposite. Our leaders cherish their family time and consistently spend that time being present. This is so rare for companies and what sets us apart in the hiring environment as truly valuing work life balance. 

In just my short time at Capital on Tap I have had many work accomplishments, but I also got to see my daughter crawl for the first time and my oldest tell me she loved me. I didn't miss either of these milestones and I will remember that forever.

What World Mental Health Day means to Capital on Tap

Capital on Tap is one of those unique employers that values their staff as whole people, not just a means-to-an-end. And our benefits match. Here are just a few of our benefits that help our entire team prioritize their health and wellbeing:

Do you want benefits like this on World Mental Health Day - and every other day? We are hiring!  View all of our open roles.

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