edX Discount - Save 15%

edX is an educational platform for motivated learners.


  • edX is an educational platform for motivated learners. Founding partners include Harvard and MIT, etc. We have brought together more than 30 million learners, as well as most of the world's leading universities and industry-leading companies, to this online learning platform to provide support for learners of all stages. 
  • As a global nonprofit, we don't stop there and are relentlessly pursuing our vision: that every learner can be educated and unlock their potential, regardless of cost or location.

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Additional Supporting Information:

  • Enter coupon code VISA15 on the checkout page through the edX website to receive a discount when paying with your Capital on Tap business credit card.
  • This coupon code can only be used for individual courses, not courses such as PennX or StanfordX.
  • This discount can be used for more than 2,500 courses currently open. Please refer to the actual display on the website for details.
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