Fintech for Small Businesses: Finance & Challenger Banks - WEBINAR

Jul 24 2020

Written by: Zoe Newman

“Fintech” - financial technology - is thrown around a lot as a buzzword. But within that area lies solutions that can make running the financial side of your business much easier! 


We joined GoCardless, the Small Business Commissioner, and Tide to discuss what are the biggest problems small businesses face with finance and banking and how fintech can help. We discussed fintech tools available to SMEs, how they work and how they can support business owners in helping them run their businesses smoothly.

This was the third episode of the GoCardless webinar series An Introduction to Fintech for Small Businesses. The episode featured Pranav Sood - VP Small Business at GoCardless, Philip King - Small Business Commissioner, Amit Kahana - MD of Tide Capital and VP of Credit at Tide and Zoe Newman - Head of International Expansion, here at Capital on Tap.  


To watch the webinar, click here:
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