Damian Brychcy

Chief Operating Officer and US Managing Director

Damian Brychcy Chief Operating Officer At Capital On Tap

Damian Brychcy is an experienced Chief Operating Officer and Managing Director with a proven track record of leading and scaling operations, customer service, growth, product, and sales teams. Previously a litigation attorney at a big law firm, Damian holds law and engineering degrees. He is also obsessed with American college football (go Georgia Tech!) and reads an unhealthy amount of books.


COO and US MD- Capital on Tap 

CEO & Co-Founder - Colossus

Attorney - Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP


Civil Engineering - Georgia Institute of Technology

Law - University of Georgia School of Law


“My whole thesis around building products for small businesses is to ask how can I make the business owner’s life easier. That usually is some combination of making an annoying task simpler, faster, or cheaper for them. Whether its buying goods, paying suppliers, coordinating business expenses, or doing their taxes - what if we made all of that not suck?”

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