David Poliner

Head of US Business Operations

David Poliner Head Of US Business Operations At Capital On Tap

Dave is the head of US business operations at Capital on Tap. His past experience has been in operations and strategy across a number of industries. Dave has consulted for large companies and has worked at others supporting SMBs. He likes the speed and agility that’s needed to support the small business entrepreneurs in the US. When he's not working, Dave enjoys all things fitness and nutrition, along with sailing, and spending time with his wife and dog.


Head of US Business Operations - Capital on Tap

Senior Manager, Strategy - Mailchimp 

Consultant - Boston Consulting Group


MBA- Northwestern University

BA - Emory University


“Even if you pivot and change once you get your idea out to market, it’s helpful to be clear about what this is all in support of. Maybe it’s helping businesses market their ideas, or maybe it’s about helping families plan their next unforgettable vacation. Or maybe it’s about ensuring that small businesses have the capital and flexibility they need to thrive, like we do at Capital on Tap.”

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