Jamie Howard

Chief Technology Officer

Jamie Howard Chief Tech Officer at Capital on Tap

Jamie Howard is the Chief Technology Officer at Capital on Tap, responsible for all systems, software and hardware. Whilst a coder at heart, Jamie now runs one of the biggest teams at Capital on Tap. With over 20 years in technology, specialising in start-up/scale-up businesses, Jamie has experience across the engineering, media and financial services sectors.


CTO - Capital on Tap

Head of Technology - JCA Corporate Services 


Computer Science BSc - King's College London

Computer Systems and Networking MSc - South Bank University 


“When looked at as an opportunity rather than a threat, employee retention is both a strategy and tool to boost all aspects of your business. If you build an environment where your team feels valued and engaged, where learning and development are supported and demonstrate genuine care for your employees’ well-being, you’ll be maximising your chances for business continuity, growth, and success.”

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