L‍ast updated 10/23/2023

Credit Profile Authorization

In this Consent Statement, “we,” “us,” and “our” refer to: (1) WebBank, the creditor of Capital on Tap Business Credit Cards, (2) New Wave Card LP, dba Capital on Tap, and (3) their service providers; and “you,” and “your” refer to (1) the business entity applicant and (2) the individual completing the application (who will also act as a guarantor).

You authorize us to obtain consumer and business credit reports that we will use in connection with your application and to improve our products and services. You also authorize us to obtain consumer and business credit reports from time to time and any other information about you in connection with any legal purpose, including:

  • increases or decreases in the amount of credit made available to you under your account
    and extensions or withdrawals of credit on your account;
  • ‍the administration, monitoring, and review of your account and any attendant charges, and collection of your account; and
  • ‍offering you enhanced or additional products and services.

‍If you ask, we will tell you whether or not consumer or business credit reports were obtained and if the reports were obtained, as well as the name and address of the credit reporting agencies from which we obtained a report about you.

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