Last updated: 04/22/2022

Rewards Program Supplement

This document (“Supplement”) describes the terms and conditions of the Capital on Tap Rewards Program (“Program”) and supplements the Credit Card Agreement (the “Credit Card Agreement”) that governs your credit card account issued by WebBank (the “Account”).  Capitalized terms used in this Supplement shall have the meanings given them in this Supplement, and where applicable, the Credit Card Agreement. The Program consists of a single rewards option but, depending on your circumstances, you might be enrolled in a different program available to our customers historically.

By agreeing to this Supplement, you agree to participate in the Program.  Your participation is subject to the terms of the Credit Card Agreement, including the governing law provision and the arbitration provision (if applicable), and this Supplement.  In the event of a conflict between the Credit Card Agreement and this Supplement, with respect to matters relating to the Program, this Supplement controls.


NOTICE:  The Program and benefits are offered at our sole discretion.  We reserve the right to alter or waive any Program feature or benefit, including and without limitation participation fees, Point accrual or redemption criteria, or to cancel or temporarily suspend the Program at any time without prior notice.  We reserve the right to approve, deny or revoke your participation in the Program for any reason.


Earning Points: You earn one, one and a half, or two “Points” (as further described in your Customer Portal) for every dollar of Net Purchases made with your Account. In calculating your earned Points, we round down each Net Purchase to the nearest whole dollar; and where this does not result in a whole number of Points earned, we round down the Points awarded for each Net Purchase to the nearest whole number. You do not earn Points on Cash Advances (including, for the avoidance of doubt, cash equivalents), interest, fees, and other charges. “Net Purchases” are Purchases minus any returns, disputed charges, unauthorized charges, illegal or fraudulent charges or other credits for such Purchases. Your rewards balance can also be negative. You WILL NOT earn Points for Purchases made while your Account is in default as defined within your Credit Card Agreement.


Restrictions: We reserve the right to cancel or suspend your participation in the Program, close your Account and cause you to forfeit your Points without notice if we determine, in our sole discretion, that you are misusing the Program; you have engaged in misuse, fraud or Abuse of the Program or the Account; your Account is in default; or you have otherwise violated the Credit Card Agreement or any other terms, agreements and policies. “Abuse” of the Program includes attempting to earn Points by making excessive charges that are outside the scope of usual or customary credit card usage. It also includes seeking to obtain an advantage through unfair or deceptive means whether relating to Points or otherwise. You agree to indemnify us for any loss that we may have suffered as a result of such misuse, fraud or abuse, or violation of the Credit Card Agreement or any other terms, agreements or policies. Satisfaction of such indemnity may include as repaying to us any cash payment made to your bank account through the redemption of Points or paying us an amount equal to any reduction made to your Account balance through Points conversion.


Redemption: You can redeem Points as a statement credit unless your Account is in default, has been suspended as defined within your Credit Card Agreement or has been terminated. Every Point is equivalent to 1 cent when redeeming for statement credit. Statement credits for Points will reduce the balance on your Account but will not count as payments. You still must pay at least the Minimum Payment as shown on your billing statement each month.

You can redeem Points earned during the billing cycle after you have made your Minimum Payment for that billing cycle.

In addition, from time to time, we may offer alternative methods to redeem Points, subject to any terms and conditions we may specify. Some of these methods may involve offering you an opportunity to redeem Points with third parties. We are not liable for claims regarding any failure or breach with respect to goods and services obtained from third parties with Points.


Expiration:  Points expire if you do not redeem any points or earn any additional Points for more than 12 consecutive months; or your participation in the Program ends.


Participation Fee:  There may be a fee charged to participate in the Program. The amount of this fee, the frequency of this fee, and the manner in which the fee is paid is as per the specific terms we offer to you and you accept when you sign up for the Program or when it renews, as applicable. You will not be charged any renewal fee if you cancel your Program participation before the fee would otherwise be due. You may cancel your participation at any time through your online account or by sending an e-mail to informing us of your wish to cancel. When you cancel your participation under this clause you will continue to earn Points and be able to redeem at the applicable rate of the Program until your annual membership renewal would have occurred. You will have until the end of your annual membership or 30 days, whichever is longer, to redeem your Points at the rate assigned when you join the Program.


Termination: We may suspend or terminate the Program or your participation in the Program at any time without prior notice.

What happens to your Points depends on whether you keep an Account open. If your Account is closed or the enrollment of your Account in the Program is cancelled by you or by us for any reason, for example, abuse of the Program, illegal use of Account, bankruptcy, etc., any earned but unredeemed rewards will be forfeited. You will immediately lose all of your Points if your Account is not kept open.

In addition, in the event of the insolvency or bankruptcy of Capital on Tap or WebBank, the Program will terminate, and you will lose all of your accrued Points.


Limited Liability: Unless otherwise required by law, this Program, or our Credit Card Agreement with you, we will not be liable to you or anyone making a claim on your behalf, in connection with: (1) any change or termination of the Program; (2) any loss, damage, expense or inconvenience caused by any occurrence outside of our control; (3) any taxes that you incur as a result of redeeming Points, payment of which taxes will be your responsibility; (4) any merchandise or services you purchase, or (5) for any direct, indirect or consequential damages with respect to the use of your Account, Points, and/or the Program. In any event, any liability that we may have to you in connection with the Program shall be limited to the amount of any Points you have earned in this Program. The Program and Points are void or limited where prohibited or restricted, respectively, by federal, state or local law.


Changes: The Program may be changed (added to, modified or terminated) by us at any time, including without limitation amendments to what will be considered a Purchase and/or Net Purchase. We will give you prior notice to the extent required by law. The current version of this Program may be found at, along with the Credit Card Agreement. Your rate of earning points is as notified to you when you join the Program, as updated from time to time in our discretion. Any revisions may affect your ability to earn or redeem Points.

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