Lily Winnan

Content Writer

Lily Winnan

Lily Winnan is a Content Writer at Capital on Tap. She uses her background in financial services and professional education to write invaluable content for small businesses and highlight the benefits of the Capital on Tap Business Credit Card

Lily loves working at Capital on Tap because small businesses are put at the heart of every decision. In her spare time, Lily enjoys running, skiing, and reading.


Content Writer - Capital on Tap

Head of Content - Astranti Financial Training

Business Account Executive - Starling Bank


BA Theology and Religion - The University of Birmingham


“Insightful content that educates and empowers small business owners to make informed decisions about credit card usage can have a significant impact on their bottom line. By leveraging the benefits of credit cards, small business owners can improve cash flow, increase purchasing power, and optimize rewards programs to maximize savings and drive growth."

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