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Hey, I’m new here… want to hear about my experience at Capital on Tap so far?

First impressions

“Oh wow!” were my first thoughts as I walked through the door on my first day at Capital on Tap. I started my career four years prior in a relatively corporate environment so I had a pleasant surprise when my manager greeted me with a very friendly smile as she ushered me to the rooftop terrace to have my introductory chat. As we were joined outside by the office dog Buddy, I felt a rush of excitement because I knew my experience was going to be pretty epic and so far...I was right! 

I am now in my fourth week as the Talent Partner for non-tech hires and I already feel like I’m part of the (comfy) furniture. 

The onboarding started before I even started!

A few days prior to my start date I had a video call with my manager Fay and the Head of People, Philippa who talked me through what my first two weeks in the business would look like. They answered all the questions I had and they spent time getting to know me on a personal level which I really appreciated. They talked me through my onboarding agenda, making me feel as comfortable as possible with what to expect in the coming weeks. I left the call looking like a Cheshire cat with an eagerness to meet my lovely team in person and start my onboarding. The welcome basket of goodies that was delivered to my house a few days before I started was an extra bonus as well.

Onboarding training weeks

On day one, I had introductory sessions led by various people to learn about the Fintech sector and met different teams across the business. Fay even treated me to a first day Nandos (I wasn't even judged for having lemon and herb… very inclusive!!) At the end of the day, with a glass of wine in hand, I particularly enjoyed joining the extra curricular Tedtalks where different employees presented and taught the rest of us about a passion they had… such interesting people here! 

During my onboarding weeks, I started to fit the Capital on Tap jigsaw puzzle together as I enrolled in various training sessions. By the end, I really understood how each team fits with the next and how they all have a direct impact on the growth of this exciting scale-up company. I learnt about the history of Capital on Tap including the huge growth and recent internationalisation to Spain and the US. It is thrilling being so close to where the magic happens and knowing that the role I play is a part of the business growth makes it completely different to anything I've experienced before. 

Just the right combination of autonomy and support

It wasn't long before I was interviewing candidates (in week two) and getting involved in meetings with hiring managers. I particularly enjoyed a brainstorming session with the UK MD, Head of People and Senior Talent Partner regarding recruitment and attraction strategies. My opinion was valued despite being fairly new to the business which went a long way with me. 

I have previous recruitment experience so I’ve been encouraged to bring ideas from the moment I joined but I’ve also been told to take it at my pace and the balance between having autonomy but also someone to lean on for support when needed has been on point. 


A personal passion of mine is Diversity & Inclusion and I have been so impressed with the emphasis of initiatives to make Capital on Tap as Diverse and Inclusive as it can possibly be. Less than four weeks in and I’ve already sat in so many discussions, meetings and training sessions relating to what the company does well and where there is room for improvement. People genuinely care about being an inclusive workplace so I've really enjoyed having these conversations and listening to diverse opinions and ideas on the topic. The best part is, these conversations actually turn into action which is vital!

Company values are NOT just a tick box exercise here… we mean it!

I’ve never known a company to live and breathe the company values as much as the people do here at Capital on Tap. 

‘Be a Buddy’ - Everyone is enrolled in a buddy scheme when they join and I’ve been very lucky to find a friend in Jenn, my assigned buddy from Finance. The general culture of the business is to include people and go above and beyond to help others which is definitely the experience I’ve had since I started. I also had a nice meeting with Dave, the company CEO who met me for a coffee in week one where we discussed the business as well as our shared interest in travelling. 

‘Just Pilot’ is so obviously merged into the day to day and is a big reason Capital on Tap is doing so well as a company. Individuals are encouraged to try out their ideas and any failure is viewed as a learning opportunity. This makes working here so refreshing and innovative. 

‘Deliver it Simple’ is what our product stands for! This value has been demonstrated daily whereby individuals take ownership and strive to be efficient and effective which makes for a very driven and inspiring organisation to work for.

My future at CoT… What am I most excited about?

So much! I am excited to be continually challenged within an innovative environment. I also cannot wait to make an impact and hire lots of talent into this amazing organisation so that they get the chance to experience the wonderful things that I’ve been lucky enough to experience.

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