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Interviews can be a nerve-racking and stressful experience, but they don’t have to be. That’s why here at Capital on Tap our interview process is as much about you getting to know us, our business and what we can offer you as it is for us to understand what skills, experience and value you can bring to Capital on Tap. 

Do your Research

We’re always happy to talk about Capital on Tap and our business credit card but make sure you’ve done some research on us. This helps you not only tailor your answers but also gives you a good sense of whether the position and company are for you; as well as helping you think about what questions to ask us. Here are some ideas of what to research:


Capital on Tap

  • What do we do as a business?

  • Who are our customers? 

  • Who are our competitors?


The job description

  • Have you familiarised yourself with the job description and what we’re looking for? 

  • What are your development areas? 

  • What can you bring to the team and role?


Our values

  • What are our values and how do you identify with them? 

  • What situations have been through in the past that demonstrate these values? 

  • Do our values align with yours?


Here are some links to get you started: 


Know what you're looking for

We always like to talk about your current situation, your drive for moving to Capital on Tap and why you’re looking for something new. We like candidates who know what they’re looking for - whether it’s progression, stability, flexibility, wellbeing, having an impact or anything else that motivates you. 


What are your motivations?

Why are you considering a fast-paced fintech? Demonstrate to us that you know what you’re looking for and how Capital on Tap fits into your next career move and what you can get out of being with us. 


Where do you see yourself in the next few years?

This is often a good topic to think about and discuss in the interview as we can give you a realistic expectation of what Capital on Tap can offer you.


Answering Questions

You’re great, so focus on you!

Try to move away from talking about “We” and focus a bit more on “I”. Don’t get lost in talking about what your team or what other people have done. Tell us about what you have achieved. We’re all team players here at Capital on Tap but we want to get to know you, so be confident in yourself!

  • Tell us all about your achievements.

  • How have you overcome failures and challenges?

  • What have you delivered for your business?

  • Which areas do you want to grow and develop in?

  • What are you interested in?

Stay on Topic

Sounds pretty straightforward but try to keep your answers relevant to the question or topic being discussed. We love candidates that align to our value of ‘Deliver it Simple’ and we see value in people that can articulate their answers concisely. 

Structure your answers

Try structuring your answers, this always helps you give a clear and detailed example or description of how you’ve handled situations in the past. Here’s some that you can use...

The STAR method 

  • Situation

  • Tasks

  • Actions

  • Results

The SOAR method

  • Situation

  • Obstacles

  • Actions

  • Results

The CAR method

  • Challenge

  • Action

  • Result


Ask lots of questions

As I said at the beginning, our process is an equal opportunity for you to get to know us. So come prepared with as many questions as you need to so that when you come to the end of your process with us, you know the following:

  • Exactly who we are and what our mission is

  • What you’ll be doing

  • Who you’ll be working with

  • What progression we can offer you

  • Ultimately, are we right for you (hopefully we are!) 

On the topic of questions, if you have any feel free to get in touch! 



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