Helping Aspiring Entrepreneurs Grow Their Businesses with Financial Know-How at Excel Savants

Michael Levine, Founder Of Excel Savants LLC

Michael Levine started Excel Savants when he decided he wanted to use his financial know-how to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

“I had spent 5 years working for a big insurance group, and I was ready for a new challenge! It had always been my dream to help entrepreneurs, as I find them so inspiring.”

All about Excel Savants 

Excel Savants specializes in consulting and support for startups and entrepreneurs who are either starting out or looking to grow their business. “Startups come to me with an idea, and I’ll help build them a financial model to support it and assist in raising capital.”

Michael utilizes his previous experience to set himself apart from the crowd. “Many excel solutions on the market don’t come from someone with financial modeling expertise. That’s exactly what my background is, alongside economics. This means I can offer a far more in depth and sophisticated model, that tends to be more accurate.”

But the real reward for Michael lies in the relationships and results he’s achieved, “I’ve always loved mentorship. So when people say they finally understood something they had struggled to before or my program helps them improve their processes, it’s the best feeling.”

And the work he’s put into those customer relationships has become word of mouth marketing for him! “Most of my clients are long term and have been with me for a few years. They refer me to other people who I start a similarly longstanding relationship with - which says to me something’s working well!”

Expanding Excel Savants with Capital on Tap

Michael has been a Capital on Tap Business Credit Card holder since May 2022 and uses it daily. “I use my card for my day-to-day expenses, anything from paying for subscriptions to buying images.”

However, he particularly loves that he can depend on it for larger capital purchases when he needs to. “There’s a large project I’m working on which involves creating an app, so I’ll be using the card more intensively for that,” Michael says. “It’s nice to have that credit line there, so when there are big expenses, I can rely on it.”

With 1.5% cashback, no annual fees, and low interest rates, the Capital on Tap Business Credit Card, issued by WebBank, is the ideal sidekick for your small business.

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