From Quarter-Life Crisis to Candle Entrepreneur: The Story of Ignite Your Peace

Kierra Bussey Founder Of Ignite Your Peace

Ignite Your Peace was started by Kierra in 2018 as a way to empower individuals through their self-care rituals.

The company was born out of her need for an outlet to reignite her own light during a quarter life crisis and feeling unrepresented as a Black woman in wellness and self-care spaces.

From this idea, Ignite Your Peace was established with the mission to provide customers with quality candles that support personal growth and well-being while making sure all people, regardless of color or gender, are seen and celebrated.

Crafting the perfect candle requires skill as well as a creative spirit to experiment. Kierra taught herself to make candles through YouTube - with each batch, striving for something unique!

Though this craftsmanship is risky business, combining waxes and oils with math and science results in an exquisite scent blend that is 100% natural. It also makes each candle stand out with its own special combination; though blending more than three fragrances may get a little too wild at times (trust her on that).

A collage of two images advertising Kierra's candles. On the left the candle is surrounded by a salt lamp, a plant, a canvas and a glass bowl. On the right the candle is surrounded by burning sage

Starting out within the hustle and bustle of NYC, Kierra created her candles from her small apartment - with plenty of trials along the way! From spilt wax on the floor to missteps in production, it was a true journey to crafting the quality product she sells today. Now working out of her home in Atlanta, she continues to lovingly handmake every single candle.

When Kierra began her entrepreneurial journey, navigating business credit was uncharted territory. She was fully funding Ignite Your Peace from her 9-5, taking a portion of every paycheck to invest in the business.

Then the pandemic hit and she was able to take the time to learn about business credit and realised she could leverage her strong personal credit to acquire investment and start growing her company.

Kierra was tapping into Facebook groups as a fast track to gaining actionable advice from the business community on how to build her credit. Her mentor introduced her to the Capital on Tap Business Credit Card, as one of the best cards on the market to start building your business credit.

As a loyal customer, she recently reaped the benefits from an increased credit limit which allows her greater financial freedom. These funds are put towards marketing initiatives in order to further the success of Ignite Your Peace!

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