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Navigating interviews can feel like a bit of a maze, but no worries, we're here to help make it a walk in the park. At Capital on Tap, we want to learn about your experiences, but we also want you to leave with a better understanding of who we are. Learn about what matters to us, our goals, mission, values, and the benefits we have to offer.

Alongside our tips, Fay Sumner, our Head of Talent, shares some invaluable insights on how to own your interview with us.

Research, reflect, succeed

We love sharing insights about Capital on Tap but we always think having a foundational understanding of our business and product goes a long way in our interview processes- so research is key! Here are some areas you might want to explore. 

Our product

We're not just your run-of-the-mill business credit card - we're the whole package designed specifically for small businesses. But what else could you learn to help you understand us more?

  • What's at the core of our business?

  • Who makes up our customer base?

  • Who are our key competitors?

  • What are our main product features?

Fay says, “Dive into the core of Capital on Tap. Understand our challenges, successes, and the heartbeat of our culture. Your insights should not just impress but demonstrate your potential contribution!”

Our values

At Capital on Tap, our values play a pivotal role in shaping our company culture, they’re integral to how we hire, how we reward, and how we communicate to name a few.

  • Just Pilot: Our company is built on piloting new ideas. Embrace the mentality that our job is never done. Ask questions, figure it out, and only build what our customers want.

  • Be a Buddy: It's never not your job. Tap in from day one and do the right thing. Be a buddy to your colleagues and foster a collaborative environment.

  • Why Not Today: Fast is as slow as we go. Take ownership, raise the bar, and keep things simple. Embrace the philosophy of "Why not today?" as you navigate challenges.

The job description

Now that you have a solid understanding of our product and values, let's break down your role. Take a good look at the job description, paying close attention to the desired skills. Think about how your own skills match up and how you can bring something extra to the table. 

Fay says, “Showcase how your skills can solve real challenges and provide examples of how you have done this in previous roles. Demonstrate how you can contribute beyond the basics, adding value to the team and taking the role to new heights.

On top of that, don't forget to think about where you can still level up. Demonstrating a commitment to ongoing learning and improvement is key to our values!

Your goals

Let's talk openly about your current professional situation and why you're interested in joining Capital on Tap. We appreciate candidates with a clear understanding of their career goals, whether it's progression, stability, flexibility, or overall well-being. Share your aspirations and explain how Capital on Tap fits into your broader career plan. 

As you consider entering the fast-paced world of fintech, particularly with Capital on Tap, consider what motivates you and why you find fintech appealing. Demonstrate your awareness of your professional objectives and how Capital on Tap aligns strategically with your career path. Provide examples of your strengths and what you aim to achieve in this opportunity. 

Looking ahead, think about your hopes for the next few years. This conversation helps us understand how Capital on Tap aligns with your goals and how we can mutually support your journey.

Tips when answering questions

Focus on you

Let's delve into your achievements and experiences, focusing on your individual contributions. Share how you've overcome challenges and failures, emphasising personal growth in your professional journey. Fay suggests, "Highlight your individual contributions with concrete examples. Discuss not just successes but how you've grown from challenges. This is your platform to showcase your unique strengths."

Express your ambitions for growth and development. Identify areas where you see potential for improvement and elaborate on your interests and passions. This gives us insight into your goals and how they align with your aspirations.

Stay on topic 

We highly recommend answering questions clearly and concisely. Stick to the heart of what is being asked rather than going on tangents. CoT values those who can distil complex topics down to simple, understandable concepts. 

Structure your answers 

Make your answers more organised by using a structured approach. This helps in giving a clear and detailed example of how you've handled situations before. You can try methods like:

The STAR method

  • Situation: Describe the situation.

  • Tasks: Explain what you had to do.

  • Actions: Tell us the steps you took.

  • Results: Share what happened as a result.

The SOAR method

  • Situation: Talk about the situation.

  • Obstacles: Mention any challenges you faced.

  • Actions: Describe what you did to overcome challenges.

  • Results: Summarise the positive outcomes.

The CAR method

  • Challenge: Explain the problem you faced.

  • Action: Describe what you did about it.

  • Result: Share the results or positive changes.

These methods help you share your experiences and how you solve problems in a straightforward way, giving a better understanding of your professional background.

Ask lots of questions

When you interview at our company, view it as a mutual opportunity to ensure it's the right fit. We want you to ask us as many questions as you need so you can determine if we're the best place for the next step in your career! Here are some ideas on what you could base your questions around: 

  • Our company mission and core values

  • The day-to-day responsibilities of the position

  • Who your teammates and managers would be

  • What career development and advancement potential exists

  • Most importantly, whether our culture and business aligns with your skills, passions, and professional goals

Fay recommends using this opportunity wisely, "While skills and experience open the door, the questions you ask during the interview are also really important. Your questions should reflect not only your curiosity but make sure this job fits with your goals and values.”

We aim for total transparency during the hiring process so candidates can evaluate if we're the right environment for them to thrive in. Please ask us anything - we want you to feel fully informed to make this important decision together.

The bottom line

Dig deep into our world, showcasing your potential and values through thoughtful questions. Align skills, express clear career goals, and share experiences using structured methods. It's not just about impressing us – it's about finding if Capital on Tap is your perfect fit. The door is open; step in with confidence.

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