Protecting yourself from scammers

12 Oct 2021
Fraudsters are always changing their tactics and constantly come up with new and inventive ways to scam people. We’ve outlined some tips and tricks to help you to keep your account safe.


Be wary of what information you provide over the phone
We’ll never ask you for:
  • Your full card number
  • CVV (the number on the back of your card)
  • One-time passcode sent by SMS
  • Your account password 
If somebody impersonating us asks you for this information, please hang up, even if it looks like they are calling from our number. If you want to contact us to check the call, our number is on the back of your card or you can chat to us via our website - just click the yellow chat icon in the bottom right-hand corner.
If you’ve provided these details to somebody, it’s important you contact us immediately on 0208 962 7401 and block your card on your Online Portal. 


Don’t share your account information
Your account information helps to keep your account safe and secure. We’ll never ask you for your account password and you should be wary not to share it with anyone. Keep your card details private and if your card is lost or stolen, alert us straight away.


Received a one-time passcode but haven’t used your account?
This could be somebody trying to gain access to your account without your consent. Please contact us immediately and freeze your card on your Online Portal.
Do not share this passcode with anyone, even if they claim to be from Capital on Tap.


Don’t transfer funds or make payments on behalf of others
We’ll never ask you to make a transfer or payment using your Capital on Tap card. If you have suspicions about a transaction, it’s best to pause, sense check the request and only proceed if you’re happy it’s legitimate. 
Contact Capital on Tap immediately if you think you’ve fallen victim to a scam. You can also report it to Action Fraud. You can find more information on the Take Five website.


What’s 2 Factor Authentication (2FA)? 
2FA is a security feature designed to keep your account and devices secure. You will often have to complete 2FA when logging into an account or device, after entering your password. A code will be sent to your device that you’ll be asked to enter to confirm your identity. 
It’s a good idea to have 2FA enabled for your phone and email accounts - this makes it harder for fraudsters to gain access to your devices and accounts. Do not share these codes with anyone. They can be used to access your accounts and make transactions.


Check your account regularly
With your Online Portal, it’s easy to check your statements and spend activity. You can also enable spend alerts which notify you each time your card is used. If you’re unsure about a transaction and can’t link it to a purchase you’ve made after searching the merchant online or comparing the dates and amounts to your recent purchases, call us on 833-972-1323.


Consider using a mobile wallet
You can add your Capital on Tap card to your mobile wallet and benefit from added security on your phone such as fingerprint authentication or facial recognition. Using a mobile wallet also means your card details are not stored or shared with merchants.
Remember, if in doubt, avoid sharing any information with an unknown caller - end the conversation and call our team on 833-972-1323.
Written by: Capital on Tap
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