Employee Credit Cards: A Great Tool To Help Manage Your Business

Published: Nov 15 2021

Last updated: Jan 21 2020

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Written by: Capital on Tap USA

At Capital on Tap we recognise that a business owner shouldn’t need to spend so much time on admin so we do what we can to help. You’ve probably heard all about how we make integration with popular accounting packages so easy, but have you heard about our supplementary cards? 

Whether your employees need to pay for supplies, business travel, or other ad hoc expenses, giving your employees or partners a Capital on Tap card keeps you in control, allowing you to spend more time on doing what matters most: running a great business. 

Keep reading to find out just how easy expense management can be when you use Capital on Tap supplementary business credit cards in your business. 


5 ways that having supplementary cards simplifies operating your business 🚀

Managing expenses made easy!

Every transaction that is made is available in real-time, which makes tracking and verifying day-to-day transactions easy! With a clear layout, it’s easy to differentiate each cardholder’s transactions on the end of month statement to make managing expenses even easier.

Customise spending limits on each card to meet your needs

Spending limits can be set for each individual supplementary card so that you have complete control, at your fingertips.

Disable or enable cards instantly

Freezing and unfreezing your card is effortless! This can be done via the online portal at the press of a button.

Earn rewards faster!

Reward points can be earned across all cards for the primary account holder to claim! Just make sure you’re signed up to one of our fantastic reward programmes!

Fees? None.

Supplementary cards are offered completely complementary. So why not!?


I’m sold! 👌 How do I get additional cards?

Login via your online portal, head to the Cards page, and select Request Card. Simple.

A screenshot showing how to add a new additional cardholder

The bottom line…

If you are spending your valuable time going through your employee’s receipts and filling in paperwork for their expenses, then supplementary cards are the way forward. Better yet, if you’re on our rewards programme, supplementary cards will help maximize your rewards faster.

Are you already a customer and this sounds like the thing your business is missing? Log in here. New to Capital on Tap? Welcome! Apply for our credit card here. 💪

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