Business employee cards

Employee credit cards give your employees the freedom to pay for business expenses while keeping you in control of their spending.

  • Unlimited free company cards
  • Track card spending in real time
  • Control spending with tailored limits
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1% cashback on all card spend

1% cashback on all card spend

No hidden charges or annual fees

No hidden charges or annual fees

Practical credit limits up to £250,000

Practical credit limits up to £250,000

Rates as low as 15.5% APR (variable)

Rates as low as 15.5% APR (variable)

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Unlimited free cards for your team

Give your employees, including contractors, the freedom to make purchases. 

No more waiting for petty cash or reimbursement - they can get what they need, when they need it, at no extra cost.

The power of multiple user cards

Using a business credit card that allows multiple users can be really valuable for your business. It benefits you, your staff, and your finance team in a few ways: 

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For employees

Having their own card makes purchasing things for work easy. They don’t have to use their own cards and wait to get reimbursed. They can just use their company card, saving them time and hassle.

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For business owners

You always have a million things to do - so having spending visibility and control is key. You can set customised limits on what employees can spend and receive notifications when cards are used in real-time.

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For the finance team

Their life gets much easier with multiple employee cards. Instead of keeping track of receipts and reimbursements, all expenses are digitally stored in one place. This simplifies expense reporting and accounting.  

Capital On Tap Business Credit Card Spend Controls

Control spending with tailored limits

Set limits on how much each employee can spend per transaction or in total.

Get real-time notifications when spending nears your chosen thresholds. You’re in control of your company’s money.

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Employee cards allow small business owners to empower their team while maintaining control over spending. By providing staff with their own cards, companies can streamline expense management, improve accountability, and boost productivity by eliminating time-wasting reimbursement processes.

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Save time with employee cards

Dealing with things like petty cash, collecting receipts, and managing paperwork takes a lot of time. It means your team isn’t as productive as they could be!

With employee cards, you skip all those headaches. Employees can buy what they need and those transactions are instantly tracked, categorised and stored. Updating your books is as easy as syncing your data.

Your team saves time on admin, allowing them to focus on important work that grows the business.

Capital On Tap Business Credit Card Transaction Notification

Track pending in real time from your phone

Monitor what your team is spending with the Capital on Tap mobile app

Receive notifications whenever an employee uses their card and view all the details of each purchase.

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Capital On Tap Business Credit Card And Rewards Gift Cards

Earn rewards on purchases

The more your employees spend, the more rewards you earn. Enable larger employee purchases with Preloading by adding your own funds.

Redeem points against your balance, for cash, or for gift cards. Upgrade to Business Rewards to convert to Avios Points.

Capital On Tap Virtual Credit Card Details

Start spending immediately with virtual cards

New hires or contractors can start spending day one with free virtual cards

They’ll earn rewards for the company right off the bat.

Capital On Tap Business Credit Card Receipt Upload

Upload transaction receipts

No more crumpled receipts or expense forms. 

Take pictures of receipts and attach them to transactions, keeping all your records organised.

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Instantly freeze or unlock cards anytime

If an employee loses their card or leaves the business, they can freeze it right away. 

Or use your app or online portal to do it on their behalf.

Capital On Tap Business Credit Card Transactions List

Organise all your business spend in one place

Review all employee spending in one place in your app or online portal

Add notes to any transaction and categorise them to stay organised.

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Frequently asked questions

A business expense card is a payment card issued by businesses to staff members to cover business-related expenses. These are also known as a corporate credit card for employees or expense card for contract employees. 

It functions as a business credit card that multiple users can use, streamlining the process of making and reconciling work expenses. 

For existing or new employees, including contract workers, getting a Capital on Tap expense card is easy.

Simply visit the Cards page in your account and select 'Request New Card'. Provide the employee's name and mobile number. They'll receive a link to confirm details and agree to the terms. Once approved, their new card will be issued.

Our employee cards are completely free. Some providers charge additional fees for adding supplementary employee cards, but Capital on Tap never charges for this, no matter how many users you add! 

This makes our offering one of the truly free business credit cards for multiple users and employees.

Page last reviewed on 19 March 2024

by Lily Winnan