Business employee cards

Employee credit cards give your employees the freedom to pay for business expenses while keeping you in control of their spending.

  • Unlimited free company cards
  • Track card spending in real time
  • Control spending with tailored limits
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1% cashback on all card spend

1% cashback on all card spend

No hidden charges or annual fees

No hidden charges or annual fees

Practical credit limits up to £250,000

Practical credit limits up to £250,000

Rates as low as 15.5% APR (variable)

Rates as low as 15.5% APR (variable)

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Unlimited free company cards

Empower your employees with hassle-free business expenses. No more waiting for petty cash or reimbursement. 

Give them the freedom to purchase what they need to get the job done, at no additional cost.

Capital On Tap Business Credit Card Spend Controls

Control spending with tailored limits

Set personalised spending limits for transactions and total spend per employee.

Receive real-time notifications tailored to your chosen spend thresholds.

Capital On Tap Business Credit Card Transaction Notification

Track card spending in real time

Monitor employee spending on the go with the Capital on Tap mobile app

Receive notifications anytime an employee uses their card and view itemised transaction details.

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Capital On Tap Business Credit Card And Rewards Gift Cards

Maximise on rewards

Earn additional reward points on all employee purchases. Enable larger employee purchases with Preloading by adding your own funds.

Redeem points against your balance, for cash, or for gift cards. Upgrade to Business Rewards to convert to Avios Points.

Capital On Tap Virtual Credit Card Details

Start spending immediately with virtual cards

Provide your employees with instant access to our free virtual cards

Whether they're seasoned team members or new hires, they can start spending and earning rewards right away.

Capital On Tap Business Credit Card Receipt Upload

Upload transaction receipts

Say goodbye to reams of paper receipts and expense forms. 

Both you and your employees can effortlessly attach receipts to individual transactions, keeping all your records in one organised and accessible place.

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Instantly freeze or unlock cards anytime

Employee cards lost or stolen? Employee left the business? No worries. They can easily freeze or terminate their cards at any time. 

Or use your app or online portal to do it on their behalf.

Capital On Tap Business Credit Card Transactions List

Organise all your business spend in one place

Review activity across all your company cards from your app or online portal

You and your employees can add notes to any transaction and use spending categories to automatically label transactions.

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Frequently asked questions

A business expense card, also known as a corporate card or company card, is a financial tool used by businesses to manage and track employee expenses

It functions similarly to a business credit card, in that it should only be used for business related spending, but it is issued to employees of the company not to the company itself. The purpose of a business expense card is to simplify the process of making and reconciling business-related purchases, while also providing a level of control and oversight for the business owner.

You can have unlimited cardholders on your account free of charge! Just visit the Cards page in your Online Portal and select 'Request New Card'.

If they’re a new employee you'll need their full name and mobile. They'll then receive an SMS with a link to complete a form where they will need to confirm their personal details and agree to the supplementary card T&Cs. You can track their progress on the Cards page.

The new card will be issued once we’ve received consent from both the account holder and supplementary cardholder!

Some credit or business expense card providers charge additional fees for adding supplementary employee cards, which can quickly add up and eat into your bottom line. 

We understand the importance of keeping costs low and providing affordable solutions for businesses of all sizes. That's why we offer unlimited free employee cards with all of our Capital on Tap Business Credit Card accounts. Whether you need to issue cards to one employee or a hundred, you won't pay a penny extra.

Page last reviewed on 19 March 2024

by Lily Winnan