Virtual Cards Are Here to Help You Run Your Business Better

27 Sep 2022

Written by: Capital on Tap UK

All Capital on Tap Business Credit Card customers are now eligible for a virtual card, which will provide you with a custom card number, expiration date, and security code that can be changed easily and at any time. 

Here’s how virtual cards could help bring more efficiency and ease to your small business operation:

Start spending the moment you’re approved

Virtual credit cards are available to most credit card holders the moment they’re approved. That means you can start making purchases for your business right away.

Use your card online or in-person

You can easily add your virtual card to your Google and Apple Pay accounts the day you’re approved for use in-store as well as online. No need to carry a bulky wallet around any longer! 

Set spend limits for specific uses

Since you can cancel and generate a new virtual card at any point, you may want to create a virtual card for a specific use, such as business travel or a large purchase. You can easily set spend limits on your virtual card to help you stay within your budget without having to keep a close eye on your books.

Never worry about fishy purchases again

Just made a purchase with your virtual card but something doesn’t feel quite right? Simply void your card and generate a new one instantly. You won’t have to worry about your card information getting in the hands of the wrong people, and won’t suffer a delay in access to your funds. 

Replace your physical card immediately

Should your physical card be lost or stolen, you can generate a virtual card instantly from your online account. You can use this card immediately for all purchases without having to wait for a new physical card to arrive in the post. (But don’t worry, you’ll still get a new one of those as well).

If you’re an existing Capital on Tap Business Credit Card holder, you can generate your virtual card in your online account.

If you’re not a current cardholder, apply now for a Capital on Tap Business Credit Card.

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