The rewarding choice for small businesses

Handpicked business credit card benefits for small business owners - from cashback to free, unlimited employee cards.

  • Integrated accounting software
  • 24/7 UK-based customer service
  • No annual, FX, or ATM fees
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Trusted by over 200,000 businesses

Trusted by over 200,000 businesses

1% cashback on all card spend

1% cashback on all card spend

Practical credit limits up to £250,000

Practical credit limits up to £250,000

Rates as low as 15.5% APR (variable)

Rates as low as 15.5% APR (variable)

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Capital on Tap rewards explained

Take your business to the next level with the Capital on Tap Business Credit Card. Get more from every purchase and maximise your spending power!

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Capital On Tap Business Credit Card And App

Tap into better benefits

Why wait for benefits to trickle in? They're always flowing with Capital on Tap’s Business Credit Card.

  • Uncapped 1% cashback on card spending
  • Up to 42 days interest-free on card spending
  • Unlimited, free employee cards
  • Integrated accounting software
  • 24/7 UK-based customer service
  • No foreign exchange or ATM fees
  • Top up your balance with your own funds with Preloading
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Tap into more by preloading your account

Don’t be restricted by your credit limit. Top it up with your business funds to make the most of our uncapped 1% cashback. 

Got a £50,000 limit? Elevate it to £150,000 by preloading your own funds. Use your preloaded balance to make larger payments, maximise your rewards, and consolidate your spending. 

Capital On Tap Business Credit Card Rewards

1% cashback on business spend

Redeem it against your balance, turn it into cash, and purchase gift cards. With Preloading, top up your balance to boost your spending power and rewards earnings. Upgrade to our Business Rewards program to redeem for Avios points.

Start earning rewards today!

Capital On Tap Team Management

Unlimited, free cards for all your employees

Empower your team with free, unlimited cards. Control spending with customisable, individual card limits, real-time notifications, ATM blocks, and card freezing – all from your smartphone or desktop.

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Integrate with your favourite accounting software

Seamlessly integrate with popular accounting software like Sage, Xero and FreeAgent. Enjoy daily auto-syncing, categorised expenses, and up to 90 days of historical data syncing. 

Ditch the spreadsheets and manual entry for effortless accounting!
Customer Service Agent

24/7 UK-based customer service

Escape automated phone systems and long hold times. Connect with a real human in under 10 seconds, day or night, via phone, chat, or email.

Need account help or product info? We've got you.

Your questions, our experts, 24/7.

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Pay £0 in fees

No annual fees. No foreign exchange fees. No ATM fees. 

Apply today and experience a business credit card that truly has your financial well-being in mind.

Capital On Tap Virtual Credit Card Details

Virtual cards for instant spending

Start spending instantly with your virtual card. Our virtual cards offer control, security, and budgeting. Allocate funds to expenses, monitor your budget in real-time, and enjoy instant access to your money with added security measures. 

Capital On Tap Business Credit Card Spend Controls

Great rates and up to 42 days interest-free

Take your business to new heights with rates as low as 15.5% APR (variable), and up to 42 days interest-free credit on your card spend when you pay in full and on time.

Easy and flexible repayment options, including weekly or monthly Direct Debit, debit card, or bank transfer. 

Capital On Tap Card Details

Use your card with Apple or Google Pay

Use your card to tap and pay the easy, and private way wherever you see the contactless logo with Apple and Google Pay.

Capital On Tap Business Credit Card Balance Alert

Fraud protection

Stay protected with Visa’s Zero Liability Policy - a guarantee that you won’t be held responsible for unauthorised payments made with your account or account information. You can learn more about this policy, including its exceptions, on the Visa Zero Liability Policy page.

Dispute card transactions by contacting our 24/7 customer service team, via phone, email or online chat.

Spending On Capital On Tap Business Credit Card

Build your business credit score

Charge it up, pay it off, watch your score take off - using a business credit card can boost your business credit score in no time

Whether you're looking to secure a mortgage, attract investors, or simply improve your financial standing, our business credit card can help get you there. 

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