Icon Cashback

Uncapped 1% cashback with no annual fee

Icon Lowrates

Rates as low as 15.5% APR (variable)

Icon Practicallimits

Practical credit limits up to £250,000

Icon Freecards

Free company cards with spend controls

Capital On Tap Virtual Credit Card Details

Start spending the moment you’re approved

Create virtual cards in seconds and start spending the moment you’re approved for a Capital on Tap account. Urgent bills or invoices to pay? No need to wait for your physical card, virtual cards have you covered.

Capital On Tap Business Credit Card Physical And Virtual Card Tilted No Shaddow

How to start with virtual cards?

It’s free and easy to create virtual cards from your online portal or app

Log in, head to the ‘Cards’ tab and click ‘Create a new card’

Choose or add who you want to issue the virtual card to

Select ‘Virtual card’ and click continue

Check the card's details and add an optional spend limit

Click confirm and order. Then, you’re ready to start spending!

Man Shopping Online

Use your card online or in-person

Use your virtual cards to make secure payments online and in-store. Add them to your Google or Apple wallet for seamless and safe transactions.

Name Your Capital On Tap Business Credit Card

Add cards for different vendors

Create virtual cards for different vendors to effortlessly track expenses across your suppliers and team. Prevent subscription creep, and gain better insights into your spending per vendor.

Capital On Tap Business Credit Card Spend Controls

Set spend limits for specific uses

Whether you’re booking business travel or making a big purchase, customise each card’s spend limit to stay within budget.

Capital On Tap Card Details

Replace your physical card immediately

Physical card lost or stolen? Generate a virtual card instantly and use this card whilst you wait for a new physical card. Keep spending without interruption!

Florist On The Phone With Capital On Tap Business Credit Card

Manage recurring payments and subscriptions

Save time and effort by using virtual cards to easily manage and cancel unwanted subscriptions, streamlining your financial management process.

Laptop And Capital On Tap Credit Card

Protect yourself from fraud

Experience peace of mind with virtual cards - instantly void and generate a new one if something feels off. Safeguard your card information and access your funds without delay.

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Frequently asked questions

A business virtual credit card is a digital card that has a customised card number, expiry date, and security code. Use virtual cards confidently for secure online or in-store payments through Apple or Google Pay. 

When you no longer need a virtual card, you can terminate it in seconds, ensuring you manage your finances efficiently. 

Virtual cards give you an added layer of security, protect your actual card number and offer greater financial control.

Virtual cards provide enhanced security by having unique details separate from your physical card, reducing the risk of fraud. You can easily track expenses, view transaction history, and get real-time alerts. Plus, you can create virtual cards instantly with a Capital on Tap account, making urgent payments hassle-free, even before your physical card arrives.

Yes, you can use virtual credit cards in-store. You can easily add your virtual card to your Google and Apple Pay wallet the day you’re approved for use in-store as well as online. No need to carry a bulky wallet around any longer!

No. Virtual credit cards can be used to pay online, in-store or in-app, but not at an ATM to withdraw cash or review account information. This is because the card is virtual, so you won’t have a physical card to enter into the ATM.

Yes, virtual credit cards are safe. Each virtual card you create has its own custom card number, expiration date, and security code that can be created or deleted easily and at any time. So, if you make a purchase with your virtual card but something doesn’t feel quite right, simply void your card and generate a new one instantly. You won’t have to worry about your card information getting in the hands of the wrong people, and won’t suffer a delay in access to your funds.

Different credit card providers will have different virtual card limits. Each Capital on Tap cardholder can hold up to five virtual cards at once. This means five virtual cards for you, and five virtual cards for each of your employees - all for free.

There’s no limit to how many times you can create and delete your Capital on Tap virtual credit cards, as long as you only have up to 5 at once per cardholder.

Page last reviewed on 12 September 2023

by Lily Winnan