Virtual credit cards for business

Protect your business with virtual credit cards. Create and terminate cards instantly, segment your spending, and protect yourself from fraud.

  • Set spending limits and expiration dates
  • Minimise the risk of fraud
  • Efficiently manage project costs
Virtual Cards
1% cashback on all card spend

1% cashback on all card spend

No hidden charges or annual fees

No hidden charges or annual fees

Practical credit limits up to £250,000

Practical credit limits up to £250,000

Rates as low as 15.5% APR (variable)

Rates as low as 15.5% APR (variable)

Why should I get a virtual card?

Virtual cards are versatile tools for businesses, offering tailored solutions:

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Shield transactions

Safeguard online purchases by creating a unique virtual card for each transaction. This minimises the risk of fraud.

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Manage project costs

Set spending limits and expiration dates on cards for freelancers or contractors. This efficiently manages project costs.

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Financial freedom

Get a new virtual card for every work trip. It makes it easy to track spending and see what you paid for.

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Safeguard subscriptions

Get separate virtual cards for each subscription you have. If one card has issues, your other subscriptions will still work fine and avoid any pauses.

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Capital On Tap Virtual Credit Card Details

Start spending the moment you’re approved

You can generate virtual cards and begin spending right away when your Capital on Tap account is approved.

No need to wait for your card in the post. Virtual cards allow you to pay pressing bills and invoices on the spot.

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How to set up virtual cards?

Creating virtual cards through your online account is free and simple:

  1. Log in and navigate to the "Cards" page
  2. Click "Create New Card"
  3. Select or add the employee who will use the card
  4. Choose "Virtual Card" and continue
  5. Review card details and set an optional spending limit

Click confirm and you're all ready to start making purchases with the virtual card!

Man Shopping Online

Use your card online or in-person

Virtual cards enable secure payments for online and in-store purchases. You can also add the cards to digital wallets like Google Pay and Apple Wallet. This allows easy and protected tapping for transactions anywhere the card is accepted. 

Name Your Capital On Tap Business Credit Card

Track spending by vendor

Generate virtual cards for each supplier or vendor. This makes it easy to monitor expenses across different providers and employees. It prevents subscription creep and gives better insight into spending per vendor.

Capital On Tap Business Credit Card Spend Controls

Set spend limits for specific uses

When booking business travel or making large purchases, tailor each virtual card's spending cap as needed. This helps stay within budgets for specific uses like projects, events, departments, etc.

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Replace your physical card immediately

If your physical card is ever lost or stolen, instantly generate a virtual card to use while waiting for a replacement. This prevents spending interruptions.

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Manage recurring payments and subscriptions

Virtual cards help identify and cancel unwanted renewals. This lets you streamline financial management and avoid subscription creep.

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Protect yourself from fraud

Feel more secure with virtual cards. Instantly void and create new card numbers when anything seems suspicious. This safeguards information and funds access without delay.

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Frequently asked questions

A virtual card is a digital credit card with a unique card number, expiration date, and CVV that you can use to make secure purchases online or via mobile wallets.

Virtual cards add a layer of security and financial control. You can terminate them instantly when no longer needed.

Key benefits include better security, easy tracking/monitoring, real-time alerts, and instant card creation to pay urgent invoices, even before your physical card arrives.

Yes, you can add virtual cards to Google/Apple Pay to use in-store or online, without needing your physical wallet.

No. Since virtual cards are digital only, you cannot use them at an ATM to withdraw cash or check information.

Yes, very secure. Each virtual card has unique details that you can create and delete anytime. If you notice suspicious activity, instantly void that card and generate a new number without losing access to your funds.

Different credit card providers will have different virtual card limits. Each Capital on Tap cardholder can hold up to five virtual cards at once. This means five virtual cards for you, and five virtual cards for each of your employees - all for free. There is no total limit on creations, as long you only have 5 cards active per person.

Page last reviewed on 19 March 2024

by Holly Woodward