Vic Wood Founder And Ceo Of Greener Beauty Square

At the time I was just comparing different cards and I needed the flexibility of being able to access company cards. For example, one of my employees took our orders to the post office every day so it made life easier for them to have their own card to do that with. A lot of other more traditional banks made it harder for businesses to have multiple cards, so that was the biggest draw for me. The rewards are also great and everything is easy to use.

Vic Wood
Founder of Greener Beauty
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Harry Square

I used to use an AmEx card for my company card, but I had problems with it not being accepted in many places. I was looking for an alternative and found Capital on Tap while searching online for business credit cards with air miles.

Harry Ganz
Co-founder of The Garden Health & Beauty Store
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Perky Blenders Co Founder Adam Cozens

The first thing is that it’s beneficial for is our cash flow. You’re able to have a little bit of foresight of what’s happening month by month, and for this, we choose to use our cards for all our spending. It’s flexible and works with our digital accounting software Xero, meaning everything is nice and straightforward. We actually changed from another supplier to Capital on Tap because everything works better.

Adam Cozens
Co-founder of Perky Blenders
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Thrifted Team Photo Outside Of Warehouse

Our orders can take between 10 - 20 days to arrive, which we then have to unpack, sort, photograph, and get uploaded on the website,” he says. “Using Capital on Tap gives us that flexibility to manage our cash flow, and is particularly useful when we make orders from overseas, as we don’t have to pay foreign exchange fees.

Jonny Kemp
Owner of Thrifted
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