New Wave Capital Limited trading as Capital on Tap – Apple Pay Terms of Service
These are the terms and conditions that apply with using your Capital on Tap Business Credit Card (under your credit agreement with us) and Apple Pay.

I. Using Apple Pay with Capital on Tap Business Credit Card

Apple Pay is a way for you to make purchases from merchants or in-app using a phone or other device which can store virtual representations of your credit card. In order to use Apple Pay, you have to register an eligible credit card to your device. You also need to have an eligible Android device and meet any other conditions that Apple may impose – you should contact Apple direct for further information as we have no control over these requirements.

The terms and conditions of your Capital on Tap credit card apply to your use of Apple Pay.


II. Replacement and New Cards

If a plastic card you have registered to your device is replaced by us (for example if it has expired or you have lost your card) we will automatically register the replacement card to your device.
You will need to register any new eligible card issued to you if you still wish to use Apple Pay.


III. Making Payments

You can authorise a payment from your Capital on Tap card in-app or in-store at any time, subject to the relevant merchant having supporting technology. You can authorise in-store payments:
• of £30 or less by holding your locked device within a few centimetres of the card terminal;
• of more than £30 by unlocking your device by password, fingerprint or swipe pattern.
You can authorise an in-App purchase by touching the Apple Pay purchase button at checkout.

For security reasons, you may occasionally need an internet connection before you can make a payment and will be advised by a message on your device when this is the case.

When you authorise a payment, the Apple Pay App will automatically select your default card. If you want to change your default card you can drag the card in the Apple Pay app to the top "default" spot or tap the card you wish to use, and select "set as default card" in the card detail screen.

You can only make in-store payments at merchants who have supporting contactless technology.

Any payment you make will be deducted from your account in the same way as it would if you made a plastic card payment. Retailers may use contactless payment limits which apply to in-store payments authorised using Apple Pay. This can vary between retailers and payment card terminals that are used. A retailer may refuse a payment transaction if it exceeds the current contactless limit applicable to them.

As is usual for card payments, you can't stop a payment made using Apple Pay once you've authorised it, but the merchant (or we) may make a refund.


IV. Security

When you register a card to your device, information about that card is sent to and stored on your device. It is important that you take reasonable precautions to keep cards registered in the Apple Pay App, including the security details that relate to them (for example, your device password, swipe pattern or, fingerprint stored in your Android device) safe and prevent fraudulent use of them.

In particular:
• You must not choose security details that can be easily guessed by anyone else or tell anyone else what your security details are; and
• You must not store anyone else’s fingerprint in your device.
• If you have already set up security on your device such as a password, swipe pattern or fingerprint access you must review this and ensure you change any security details that can be easily guessed or you have already shared with anyone else and you must delete any fingerprint access which is not your own. If you believe somebody else knows any security details that you use for Apple Pay or your device, you should change that information immediately.

If you consent to another person using your device by allowing them to register their fingerprint in your device or telling them your password or swipe pattern we will treat this as you deliberately failing to keep your card and security details safe. This could ultimately result in us closing your account.

If you have been very careless (this is known as “gross negligence”) or you have deliberately not followed the steps in this security section, you’ll be responsible for all losses that happen before you tell us that you have lost your device or the security of your card has been compromised. However, you won’t be responsible for unauthorised payments where you have used Apple Pay for in-App purchases or the payment was made using your Capital on Tap credit card.

Notwithstanding the above, if you have been fraudulent you will be responsible for all losses.

The terms and conditions that apply to your card contain further details of when you may be responsible for unauthorised transactions.


V. If you lose your device or your security details have been compromised

If your device is lost or stolen, if you believe someone else has used or has discovered your Apple Pay security details or the security of the card on your device has been compromised, you must contact us using the telephone numbers on the back of your plastic card so we can deactivate the card on your device.

If your device is lost or stolen you should also take the steps recommended to you by Android to locate, lock or erase your device contents remotely. If you have device-locate software enabled on your device, you may be able to use that software to suspend any card details registered on the device.

If your card is deleted from your device you will still be able to use your plastic card to make payments. If you subsequently wish to use Apple Pay on any new device you will need to re-register your card.


VI. Replacing your phone

You must delete your card from your old device if you upgrade, change, dispose of it or pass it temporarily to someone else, for example, to be repaired.


VII. Stopping or restricting your use of Apple Pay

We can suspend or cancel your right to use your cards in Apple Pay at any time if we think it’s reasonably necessary because:
• we are concerned about their security; or
• we suspect they, or your security details, have been used in an unauthorised or fraudulent way; or
• there is an increased risk you may be unable to pay any money you owe us on the relevant account; or
• we have the right to do so under your revolving credit agreement with us; or
• there are UK or European obligations we have to meet; or
• the Apple Pay service is no longer available to our customers.

We'll normally give you advance notice but if we can’t we'll tell you immediately afterwards unless this would compromise our reasonable security measures or would be unlawful.

Apple may also suspend or cancel your card in Apple Pay, you will need to speak to Apple if this happens.


VIII. Charges

We'll not charge you for making payments using Apple Pay. However, your communications network operator may charge you for accessing Apple Pay via your device. Charges may vary between operators and whether you are abroad or in the UK.


IX. Availability of Apple Pay

The Apple Pay service is made available by Apple on compatible iOS devices. We don't control the platform or the devices and are not responsible to you for any failure or delay in Apple providing Apple Pay unless this is as a result of something we have done.


X. Changes

We may change the information in this document for the reasons and in the same way as we would make changes to the terms and conditions that apply to your credit card that you have registered in the Apple Pay App.

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