Last updated: 11th January, 2024

What is Plaid? 

Plaid is a third party that helps us to meet regulatory requirements by validating bank account data and other information you have provided in your application.

How we use it

We may use Plaid for:

  • Bank account validation

  • Balance requests (to verify account balances)

  • Business Activity and Revenue confirmation

  • Transaction requests (to request transaction data including merchant and category information)

  • Payment initiation

  • To meet our regulatory obligations

Data Security

We have selected Plaid for their security protocols which include Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), Transport Layer Security (TLS) as well as their adherence to international security protocols. For more information on Plaid’s international security certifications and details on their security & privacy protocols, please visit their website here.

Additional terms

We reserve the right to alter the ways in which we use Plaid in the future and will update these terms & conditions.

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