50 Holidays to Inspire Your Small Business Marketing

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Holidays aren't just for the big brands to cash in. As a small business owner, these seasonal events offer prime opportunities to get creative and connect with customers. So start thinking now! Whether you want to spread some love for Valentine's Day or drum up awareness on Small Business Saturday, this holiday marketing blog has you covered.

Key takeaways

  • Small businesses can significantly benefit from aligning marketing efforts with various holidays throughout the year. By identifying and selecting relevant holidays that resonate with the brand's values, target audience, or product offerings, businesses can create engaging campaigns that foster customer connections and drive sales.
  • Leveraging social media platforms, developing exclusive deals and promotions, planning events, and working with your community are effective ways to amplify a brand's visibility and engagement during holiday seasons. 
  • Advance planning is crucial for successful holiday marketing. Identifying which holidays align best with the brand's identity and target market allows for the creation of tailored campaigns that resonate deeply with customers. 

Key Dates and Marketing Ideas

It's not just about New Year's or Christmas – there are heaps of other days and events that offer amazing opportunities. From quirky social media campaigns to irresistible themed offers, these strategies are your ticket to engaging customers and boosting those sales figures!


  • 1st - New Year’s Day: Launch a New Year sale or promotion to attract customers looking for fresh starts.
  • 4th - World Braille Day: Raise awareness by initiating inclusive campaigns or events for the visually impaired community, and think about the accessibility features of your products/services.
  • 15th - Martin Luther King Day: Highlight social responsibility by contributing a portion of sales to a charity supporting equality and justice.
  • 22nd - Chinese New Year: Celebrate the Lunar New Year! 
  • 23rd - National Pie Day: Host pie-themed events or promotions, attracting food enthusiasts and engaging customers with unique offers or pie-making contests.
  • 24th - International Day of Education: Organise workshops or webinars relevant to your industry to educate customers.


  • 4th - World Cancer Day: Run a fundraising campaign, donating a percentage of sales to cancer research or support groups.
  • 14th - Valentine’s Day: Launch romantic-themed offers or experiences, attracting couples searching for gifts, outings, or romantic gestures.
  • 17th - Random Act of Kindness Day: Encourage customers to share acts of kindness related to your brand for a chance to win giveaways.
  • 16th-20th - London Fashion Week: Collaborate with local designers or introduce limited edition fashion items to captivate fashion enthusiasts.
  • 20th - National Love Your Pet Day: Run a pet-themed photo contest or offer discounts on pet-related products.


  • 1st - St David’s Day: Celebrate Welsh culture with themed offerings or events, appealing to customers interested in regional heritage.
  • 1st - Employee Appreciation Day: Recognise your team publicly, promoting a positive company culture and strengthening employee morale.
  • 7th - World Book Day: Offer discounts on books or host a book drive supporting literacy initiatives.
  • 8th - International Women’s Day: Highlight women-owned businesses, support women-focused charities, or run empowerment campaigns.
  • 10th - Mother’s Day: Target shoppers seeking gifts for mums by offering special promotions or hosting events to honour mothers.
  • 10th - Ramadan starts: Offer special deals or adjusted opening hours to cater to customers observing Ramadan, fostering inclusivity.
  • 13th - Pancake Day/Shrove Tuesday: Create pancake-themed products or events, tapping into the food celebration and engaging foodies.
  • 15th - Red Nose Day: Engage in charity partnerships or host fundraising events, aligning with the cause and driving social impact.
  • 17th - St Patrick’s Day: Host Irish-themed events, attracting those celebrating Irish culture.
  • 21st - World Down Syndrome Day: Advocate for inclusivity by organising awareness events or promoting diversity through your brand messaging.
  • 31st - Daylight Saving starts: Use this shift as a reminder for time-sensitive offers or promotions, leveraging the change in daylight hours.


  • 1st - April Fool's Day: Create a playful social media campaign showcasing your brand's personality.
  • 21st April: Participate as a sponsor or host events supporting runners, aligning with a healthy lifestyle and community engagement.
  • 22nd - Earth Day (US): Run eco-friendly campaigns, promote sustainable products, or organise a community cleanup event.
  • 23rd - St George’s Day: Celebrate English heritage with themed products or events.
  • 23rd - Shakespeare Day: Organise literature-themed activities or offer discounts on classic books.
  • 29th - 31st - Easter Weekend: Run Easter-themed promotions or events, attracting families and shoppers during the bank holiday weekend.


  • 1st - Bank Holiday: Run a special promotion or offer discounts to celebrate the holiday.
  • 4th - Star Wars Day: Create themed products or run social media contests for Star Wars enthusiasts.
  • 20th - World Bee Day: Promote environmental awareness, offer bee-friendly products, or support bee conservation initiatives.
  • 25th - National Wine Day: Organise wine tastings, offer wine-themed discounts, or collaborate with local wineries.
  • 27th- Bank Holiday: Host a special event, offer exclusive discounts, or extend store hours.
  • 29th - National Biscuit Day: Offer complimentary biscuits with purchases or introduce biscuit-themed deals.
  • 30th - National Creativity Day: Encourage user-generated content or launch a creative campaign to engage your audience.


  • 1st - Beginning of summer: Launch a summer-themed product line or offer discounts on seasonal items.
  • 5th - World Environment Day: Run a green initiative campaign, promote eco-friendly products, or organise a cleanup event.
  • 7th - Global Running Day: Host a running event, offer discounts on sports gear, or launch fitness-related challenges.
  • 15th - National Beer Day: Organise beer-themed events or offer discounts on craft beers, attracting beer enthusiasts.
  • 16th - Father’s Day: Create father-focused promotions, offer gift ideas enticing shoppers looking for gifts for fathers or father figures.
  • 24th-30th - World Wellbeing Week: Host wellness workshops or promote products/services focused on self-care, tapping into the wellness trend.
  • 30th - Social Media Day: Run social media-exclusive promotions or contests, leveraging online engagement to boost brand visibility.


  • 1st-28th - Tour de France: Cater to cycling enthusiasts with promotions on cycling gear or host events to align with the excitement of the race.
  • 1st-14th - Wimbledon: Host tennis-themed events, offer giveaways, or organise a Wimbledon viewing party.
  • 4th - American Independence Day: Offer themed promotions or organise events celebrating American culture, targeting expatriates or those interested in American traditions.
  • 28th - International Friendship Day: Run a referral programme, encouraging customers to share deals with friends.


  • 8th - International Cat Day: Run a pet-focused campaign, offer discounts on pet supplies, or organise a cat photo contest.
  • 9th - National Book Lovers Day: Host book signings, offer discounts on books, or launch a reading challenge.
  • 17th - National Nonprofits Day: Partner with a local charity, donate a percentage of sales, or promote volunteer opportunities.
  • 21st - World Entrepreneurs Day: Support local entrepreneurship or offer business-related resources, engaging aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners.
  • 26th - International Dog Day: Embrace pet-related promotions or host dog-friendly events, connecting with dog owners and pet lovers.
  • 26th - Summer Bank Holiday: Attract customers with summer-themed sales or events, leveraging the holiday to boost end-of-season purchases.


  • 5th - International Day of Charity: Host charity events, donate a portion of proceeds, or organise a community fundraiser.
  • 12th - National Day of Encouragement: Run positivity-focused campaigns, share motivational content, or offer uplifting promotions.
  • 13th-17th - London Fashion Week: Host fashion-inspired events, offer fashion tips, or showcase new collections.
  • 16th - 100 Days to Christmas: Launch a festive countdown promotion, offering early bird discounts or exclusive deals.
  • 27th - World Tourism Day: Promote local attractions or collaborate with travel-related businesses for exclusive offers.
  • 30th - Love People Day: Highlight community involvement, support local causes, or host a neighbourhood event.


  • 1st - Vegetarian Day: Feature plant-based products, offer vegetarian recipes, or promote healthy eating.
  • 10th - Mental Health Day: Raise mental health awareness, share self-care tips, or donate to mental health charities.
  • 12th - National Savings Day: Run financial planning workshops, offer savings-related promotions, or provide budgeting tips.
  • 12th - National Writing Day: Engage customers with creative writing contests, storytelling events, or journaling prompts.
  • 26th - National Pumpkin Day: Offer pumpkin-themed products, organise carving contests, or share pumpkin recipes.
  • Varies - Daylight Saving Ends: Offer "extra hour" promotions or emphasise cosy, autumn-themed products.
  • 31st - Halloween: Run spooky promotions, organise costume contests, or offer Halloween-themed discounts.


  • 1st - World Vegan Day: Highlight vegan products or recipes, offer plant-based specials, or share vegan lifestyle tips.
  • 1st - Diwali: Offer Diwali-themed promotions, share cultural insights, or host celebration events.
  • 5th - Guy Fawkes Night: Offer bonfire-themed promotions, share historical content, or run firework-themed contests.
  • 10th - Remembrance Sunday: Show respect by acknowledging the day without commercial intentions.
  • 28th - Thanksgiving: Express gratitude to customers, offer Thanksgiving sales, or donate meals to those in need.
  • 29th - Black Friday: Run major sales events, doorbuster deals, or limited-time offers to kick off the  holiday shopping season.
  • 30th - Cyber Monday: Continue sales momentum with online-exclusive deals and promotions.
  • 30th - St Andrew's Day: Celebrate Scottish culture with themed promotions or events, connecting with customers interested in Scottish heritage.


  • 7th - Small Business Saturday: Highlight your small business, offer exclusive deals, or collaborate with neighbouring businesses.
  • 5th - International Volunteer Day: Promote volunteer opportunities, support community initiatives, or highlight your philanthropic efforts.
  • 13th - Christmas Jumper Day: Organise a holiday-themed event, offer discounts on festive attire, or donate proceeds to charity.
  • 24th - Christmas Eve: Offer last-minute shopping deals, extended hours, or share festive content to build excitement.
  • 25th - Christmas Day: Send heartfelt holiday messages to customers, share goodwill, and spread holiday cheer.
  • 26th - Boxing Day: Launch post-holiday sales, clearance events, or offer special "Boxing Day" discounts.
  • 31st - New Year’s Eve: Share New Year's resolutions, offer year-end promotions, or host countdown-themed events.

How to leverage the holidays

The holidays offer the perfect storm of opportunities for small businesses to drive awareness, engagement, and sales. As customers get into a festive spirit, your marketing can capture attention and position your products as seasonal solutions. This section outlines actionable tactics to leverage the holidays and achieve business goals through promotional deals, social media engagement, events and partnerships.

Create exclusive deals

Create limited-time discounts or bundled deals specific to the holiday. Promote these offers through social media, email newsletters, and in-store signage to attract local customers.

Engage locally on social media

Create engaging content related to the holiday on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Host competitions, share user-generated content, and showcase behind-the-scenes glimpses to connect with the local community.

Host community events or workshops

Organise small-scale events or workshops related to the holiday theme. This could be a local gathering, a DIY workshop, or an educational session held in-store or within the community.

Collaborate with local influencers or businesses

Partner with local influencers, neighbouring businesses, or community organisations that resonate with your audience. Collaborate on joint promotions or events to increase visibility within the local market.

The bottom line

The holidays outlined in this blog provide valuable occasions for small businesses to get creative and connect with customers through tailored promotions, events, partnerships and appreciation initiatives. Whether developing special deals, hosting workshops, collaborating with local partners, or giving back to causes, small businesses have many options to spread holiday cheer while also showcasing offerings. With some strategic planning around these events, companies can leverage holidays for increasing visibility, strengthening community ties, and achieving growth goals.

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