Capital on Tap Releases Virtual Cards to Provide Instant Access to Small Business Funding

Person Using Capital On Tap Virtual Card To Pay For Flowers

Capital on Tap, a global FinTech providing an all-in-one small business credit card and spend management platform, introduced virtual cards as part of their mission to help small business owners run their businesses faster, simpler, and more efficiently.

The virtual cards will provide immediate access to funding for the majority of approved applicants. With Capital on Tap’s near-instant crediting decisions, businesses could be making purchases on their Capital on Tap Business Credit Cards just 15 minutes after first applying.

“For busy small business owners, the virtual card is a true game changer,” said David Luck, Co-Founder and CEO of Capital on Tap. “Having immediate access to funds is critical for success in this challenging business climate that often requires quick decisions and multiple strategic pivots.” 

Virtual cards can be added to Google and Apple Pay accounts so cardholders can immediately make purchases in person or online.

Small businesses also benefit from an added layer of security with virtual cards. Cardholders can replace them in real time, so if the account information is compromised – or even if a cardholder makes a purchase from a vendor they just don’t feel completely confident in – they have the option to void that card for all future purchases and instantly generate a new one. With no lag time between the cancellation of the card and the receipt of the new one, cardholders will never be without access to funds.

Of course, all security features of the physical Capital on Tap Business Credit Card also apply to virtual cards.

Account holders can also set spend limits on their virtual cards. This is useful for business owners who want to issue a virtual card for single use, such as travel or a large purchase.

While account holders are currently limited to one virtual card per account, the option to generate multiple simultaneously will be available later this year, allowing cardholders to issue virtual cards to individual employees, and even designate separate virtual cards for different categories of business spend.

About Capital on Tap

Capital on Tap makes it easy for small businesses to manage their business spending, access funding, and earn cash back, travel, and gift card rewards. More than 200,000 small businesses have spent £4 billion on their Capital on Tap Business Credit Cards across the US and UK.

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