Coronavirus help and support

Managing your finances during times of uncertainty


We know this is a difficult time for small businesses across the UK. Our highest priority is working with you to ensure that we can help your business. As such, we have a number of options available to help our customers at this time.

We’re now also an approved lender under the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS) and accept CBILS applications.


You can review your spend, manage your repayments and update your details from your Online Portal.

For answers to many other common queries, check out our FAQ page.

Need to get in touch with us? No worries, our team is available around the clock on 0208 962 7401

Alternatively, you can live chat with us during business hours (9am - 6pm). Simply click on the blue icon at the bottom right of this screen and select the option that best suits your query!


Managing your money

We have a range of options to support our customers

Covid Repayment

Upcoming repayments

You can manage your upcoming repayments in your Online Portal - simply head to the 'Repayments' tab and choose the option that best suits your needs.

If you think you won’t be able to make those repayments, please call us and we can help you. Do not cancel your direct debit, as this will prevent access to funds and may cause you to fall into arrears.

Payment in arrears arrangement in the customer portal

Payments in arrears

If you’re already in arrears but you’ve not spoken to us about it, you can now set up a repayment arrangement directly from your Online Portal, so you can get your account back up to speed easily, and at a pace that you can afford!

Just head to the 'Repayments' tab where you’ll see the option to set up a simple repayment plan.

The latest support from the Government and other institutions


The government is offering opportunities for relief in many different ways. Check out our blog on the topic, which we’re regularly updating as the situation develops.

Our FAQs regarding the COVID-19 outbreak

Find out what to do if your transactions have been impacted by the COVID-19

With the outbreak of Coronavirus, we understand that some purchases related to events or travel have been impacted.

There may be occasions when we can recover funds by raising a dispute if:

  • the Merchant is unable to provide you with the goods / services for which you have paid with your Capital on Tap card; and/or
  • the Merchant is unwilling to assist you and/or refused to issue a refund.

Should the above be the case, we will dispute the transaction(s) accordingly, but the outcome of the dispute will depend on the circumstances and the reasons for the dispute.

Am I eligible to dispute a travel-related transaction?

  • If you cancelled your trip prior to being advised by the Merchant to do so and the Merchant is still willing and able to provide the service, it is unlikely that you will have valid grounds for a dispute. This may even be the case if the Government advice recommends against travel (subject to certain criteria to be met);
  • If the Merchant cancelled your trip and is refusing to refund you, and/or assist otherwise, we may be able to recover your funds, subject to written evidence to support your claim.

Will I be covered for any consequential losses?

  • We can only attempt to recover specific transactions which were made using your Capital on Tap card, subject to the evidence provided by you, as well as the circumstances under which you are raising the dispute.

Will I get my funds back straight away?

  • A dispute can take up to a month, in some circumstances even longer; however, dependent on the nature of the claim, the dispute may take two weeks or less to resolve. In some instances, the Merchants may challenge yours and our reasons for dispute, which can extend the resolution date. In any event, we will keep you informed and reach out to you for more information if necessary;
  • We will refund you upon successful completion of your dispute and it is imperative that you continue making at least minimum monthly payments to your account whilst the dispute is ongoing. The refund will be inclusive of any associated interest fees, if any were charged on the disputed amount(s).

Do I need to do anything first?

  • You must attempt to resolve the issue with the Merchant first (written evidence will make your case stronger) and if the Merchant is refusing to assist, and/or disregarding your attempts to resolve, please forward all correspondence onto us;
  • (travel related) IF your booking / purchase was ATOL protected, please contact ATOL If ATOL are unable to assist you, please send us written evidence of this;
  • IF your booking / purchase was insured, please contact your Insurer first. If your Insurer is unable to assist you, please send us written evidence of this.

I think I have grounds to request a transaction dispute, what should I do next?

Please contact our Disputes Team at, by providing all of the below (COPIES only where applicable):

  • Transaction Details:
    • The date of the transaction;
    • The name of the Merchant;
    • The amount(s);
  • Original invoices / receipts / e-mails / booking confirmations / etc;
  • How much you are disputing (full or partial amounts);
  • A detailed description of what has been purchased (i.e., flights only, accommodation only, flights and accommodation, some activities to do whilst at the destination, etc);
  • An explanation why you feel you have grounds to dispute the transaction(s) (i.e., a timeline of events leading up to a dispute, supported by written evidence where applicable);
  • Any other evidence you deem supportive of your dispute.

Refer to: Am I eligible to dispute transactions impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak

If you’re concerned about travel disruption, you can check your travel provider’s website – many of them have put useful information on there to help their customers.

If you are abroad when plans change you can contact us without incurring any international dialling charges by using our chatbot available on our website.

If you're having difficulty using your card abroad, call us on 02089627401.

Don’t worry. The most important thing is to contact us on 02089627401 to speak to one of our agents who will be able to find a solution for you. 

If you’re worried about making an upcoming repayment, call us on 0208 962 7401 as we have a number of options available which we will tailor to your individual circumstances.

Do not cancel your direct debit, as this will prevent you from accessing your funds, and may cause your account to fall into arrears.

Many of our customers have been able to manage their obligations by accessing one of the government-backed loans on the CBIL and BBL Schemes, which aren't liable for interest for at least the first 12 months and don't have a personal guarantee. Almost all of the major banks are approved lenders of the schemes, so your bank will be able to give you more information.

Don’t worry - we have options ready for customers who may need them further down the line, and most are available to access without needing to speak to us, by heading to the Repayments tab of your Online Portal. If you have more general queries, just drop us an email.

We know that many businesses are facing difficult decisions. If you believe you are going to struggle to make future repayments as a result of business closure, please get in touch with us at 02089627401. We have a range of solutions designed to help you through this time and will work with you to look at what steps we can put in place to help.

Protecting yourself from fraud


Scammers may try to take advantage of the current situation so remember to be cautious if someone calls you asking for your personal or security information and be careful when clicking on links in emails. 

Capital on Tap will never ask you for your password, PIN or one-time pass-code over the phone. If in doubt, you can always log in to your account directly via the Capital on Tap website or call us on the number of the back of your card. 

If you've received an email and want to make sure it came from us, just log into your online portal and open a live-chat window, and we'll be happy to confirm!

You can visit the FCA website or Action Fraud for more guidance on Covid-19 related scams.