Lights, Camera, Entrepreneurship: Tom's Journey with Gusto

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Follow Tom, the founder of Gusto, on his entrepreneurial journey. For over a decade, Gusto has been crafting films for global brands and agencies that captivate audiences and drive action. With clients including Google, Unilever, Samaritans, and more, Gusto's storytelling transcends the ordinary. 

From inspiration to innovation 

Tom's entrepreneurial spirit was sparked at a young age by watching his dad run his own production company.  "The fact that my dad has always been an entrepreneur, always had businesses - that's all I've ever seen growing up," Tom said. Despite initially working at his father's corporate video production firm for a year, his creative drive led Tom to break out on his own freelancing in the music video world at age 23. 

After honing his skills for years as a freelancer, Tom took a bold leap and founded Gusto, driven by his passion to bring playfulness and artistry to brand films and to build a team around him that felt the same. Gusto handles the full creative process - developing unique creative concepts, filming, and post-production. 

Where creativity meets business

Running a small business came with its share of challenges for Tom, despite the creative rewards. "The hardest part has been wearing multiple hats," he explained. "Trying to balance being hands-on in creative work while also handling strategic planning, finances, HR, and management duties has been quite a challenge."

Finances, in particular, posed a steep learning curve. "I've never had someone dedicated entirely to finances like a Chief Financial Officer," Tom noted. "So handling finances of a growing production company, forecasting, and reports has been a bit of a learning curve. Initially I relied on tips from my father, my peer network and just getting stuck into it, rather than formal financial training."

Financial flexibility with Capital on Tap 

Tom found practical assistance in the Capital on Tap Business Credit Card, which provided the financial flexibility and safety net necessary for calculated risks. "Having access to this credit with Capital on Tap, along with our savings pot, has really given me peace of mind when it comes to managing finances," he explained.

Additionally, Capital on Tap's team management features streamlined operations. "Setting up a card for a new team member takes just minutes, and we can adjust their limits right away," Tom noted.

With controlled spending limits on employee cards, Gusto's team could efficiently make necessary purchases for shoots and projects. Tom highlighted this, saying, "Our assistant producer was out grabbing props last minute, and having her own card made the process seamless."

On top of those perks, Tom loves the added bonus of being able to redeem his points for Avios with the Capital on Tap Business Rewards Card. With this, he can earn 1 point for every pound spent. "It's a steal," he says, "and earning Avios is a great way for a director like me to enjoy business rewards without tax hassles. It's a lovely little kickback for our spending." With Business Rewards, Tom not only manages finances seamlessly but also turns expenses into travel perks effortlessly.

With Capital on Tap providing the financial flexibility, employee spending controls, and rewards that entrepreneurs like Tom need, he can remain focused on what he does best - channelling his creative energy into building a thriving video production business.

Inspired by Tom's journey? You can follow in his footsteps and discover the benefits of the Capital on Tap Business Credit Card. With exceptional customer service, and simplified financial management, it becomes a powerful tool for unlocking your own small business dreams.

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