The Adventure Element: From Peaks to Profits

Ben Owner Of The Adventure Element

Ben is the founder of The Adventure Element, a company that creates outdoor adventure experiences. For almost a decade, The Adventure Element has organised exciting large scale charity challenge events and Duke of Edinburgh’s Award expeditions and residential experiences that get people outside. 

The business of adventure

The inspiration behind The Adventure Element comes from founder Ben's personal passion for the outdoors. Rather than being drawn to academic pursuits, Ben found his calling in adventure through the guidance of a great teacher. “I have to admit, I wasn’t particularly fond of school. But I had an amazing PE teacher who taught me how to kayak,” Ben recalls. 

He enjoyed it so much that it led him to pursue a career embracing the exciting outdoor industry. "The Adventure Element really grew out of me not wanting to work in a typical 9-to-5. It's about me wanting to live life to the fullest," he says.


Navigating the startup terrain

Being a small business owner is rewarding for Ben both professionally and personally. On a personal level, it allows him and his team to immerse themselves in their passion for adventure and the outdoors, turning what they love into a fulfilling career. "It's about me and the staff. We're all very passionate about the outdoors and adventure," he shares. 

Professionally, he finds joy in creating unforgettable experiences for others. "Our role is to provide the opportunity and ensure everyone's safety as they push themselves," Ben explains. Whether his customers are taking on charity challenges or young people achieving their Duke of Edinburgh's Awards, Ben finds satisfaction in seeing the positive impact his company has on people’s lives. 

However, running a small business is not without its challenges. Ben recalls the early days when he was a one-man operation, juggling all aspects of the business. "Back then, it was just me wearing all the hats. I was the marketer, the driver, and even the one cleaning up all the gear at the end of the day," he remembers. Transitioning to a team-based model brought its own set of hurdles, in terms of ensuring steady cash flow and managing staff. 

"The biggest challenge has been taking it from just being me to then bringing on other staff," Ben explains. However, by prioritising fair compensation and creating a supportive work environment, The Adventure Element has built a loyal and dedicated team. "We've got a great model now with how we look after our staff because we pay them incredibly well and we look after them incredibly well," he notes.

Empowering adventures with Capital on Tap

The Capital on Tap Business Credit Card has been an invaluable tool for The Adventure Element. Ben appreciates the ease of obtaining multiple cards and managing spend limits for his team. "Being able to have multiple employee cards is really useful for us, and the process of getting a new card is super easy," he says. The 1% cashback feature is a welcome bonus, providing extra funds that can be used flexibly each month. "The cashback has been great, and we use that money in various different ways," Ben adds. 

Additionally, access to virtual cards is proving to be a game-changer, particularly for staff working on programmes across the country. "We've just realised the potential of using virtual cards. It's been really helpful," he shares. 

His experience with customer service has also been a highlight, who have ensured any issues are sorted straight away. "It was great to be able to phone up and talk to someone so quickly. They sorted our issues immediately and were incredibly friendly," Ben remarks.

With the support of tools like the Capital on Tap Business Credit Card, Ben and his team continue to navigate and overcome the challenges of entrepreneurship, ensuring their mission of adventure and empowerment reaches as many people as possible.

Inspired by Ben's journey? You can follow in his footsteps and discover the benefits of the Capital on Tap Business Credit Card. With exceptional customer service, and simplified financial management, it becomes a powerful tool for unlocking your own small business dreams.

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