From Profit-Driven to Purpose-Driven with Digital Directive

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Neil Morecraft is the founder of Digital Directive, a business he's been running for 18 years. Initially, Neil started his career in the technology industry, but later went on to start a successful telecoms company. After embarking on his entrepreneurial journey, he realised he wanted to help others on their own paths to success. 

That’s when he began consulting under Digital Directive and came up with a unique strategy that offered three different solutions for the differing needs of clients. A "done with you" solution, a "done for you" solution, and a "do it yourself" solution, each tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of his clients. With this approach, he’s able to provide support and guidance to a diverse range of people and businesses, helping them to realise their dreams.

Investing in Satisfaction and Happiness: Neil's Advice for Entrepreneurs

“Initially, I went into business for selfish reasons, but I eventually realized that making money should not be the primary reason for being in business. I now advise others to invest their disposable income passively and work for satisfaction and happiness. Satisfaction for me comes from doing a good job, regardless of the client's size.”

Today, Neil's older children manage the agency side of the business, which serves micro SMEs, while he continues to work as a consultant, primarily with larger brands and celebrities on a performance-based model. Although he started his business with the primary goal of earning money, he ultimately learned that success comes from providing a valuable service to others and investing money wisely. 

Creating a Life-Work Balance: Prioritising Family and Health

Through seven different businesses, including liquidations and bankruptcy, Neil developed his own methodology for managing his life and money, which helped him achieve the success he enjoys today. 

While Neil continues to work hard, he also prioritises his family and has focused on creating a life-work balance. He manages his time, so he never misses important family events like his kids' football matches, while also prioritising his health and work. 

The Capital on Tap Business Credit Card: A Flexible Financial Management Tool

In the same way that he values flexibility in his personal life, Neil utilises his card for similar reasons.

“The card arrived promptly and looked great, which made me initially skeptical, given my past credit experiences with high APRs. However, the rates were reasonable, and I immediately started using the virtual card to keep my cash flow in check. Paying it off in full at the end of every month makes perfect sense, as it helps me plan the growth of my business with ease.”

As a self-proclaimed tech geek, Neil was particularly impressed with the smooth onboarding process. “It's always a good sign when companies prioritize user experience, as I find nothing more frustrating than clunky interfaces and communication.”

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