Make the most of Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021

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1. Get your shopping list ready

Make a list of what your business needs, e.g. new computer screens or stationery. Do your research into these products and find a selection that suits you. With so many deals around it’s easy to get sucked in by a discount!

2. Use your Capital on Tap card to purchase 

When you’re buying the product, make sure you use your Capital on Tap credit card so you can earn 1% cashback on your purchase - a double saving! If you haven’t already, you can upgrade to our Business Rewards card to be able to redeem your points to Avios.  

3. Set up online accounts before

Having your account set up and ready to go means you can nab those discounted items before they sell out. It’s also a great idea to sign up for retailers’ newsletters, so you can get any early access alerts. 

4. Check the returns policy

Retailers aren’t required to have a returns policy by law - while most do it’s a good idea to double-check what their policy is. 

5. Don’t forget about Cyber Monday

Some retailers, especially those focused on computing and tech will have special deals on Monday. If you didn’t get what you wanted on Black Friday, keep checking back to see more offers. 

Happy spending!

This post does not constitute financial advice.

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