New App Feature Helps Capital on Tap Customers Avoid Fraud

Capital On Tap's Active Call Status

Have you ever gotten a call from someone claiming to be from Capital on Tap, but you couldn’t quite tell if they were the real deal? We’ve introduced a new feature that means you can easily verify if they’re telling the truth, right in your app.

We created this feature to stop scammers tricking you into giving them your details by convincing you they work for us. 

Don't trust a caller? Check your app

If someone claims they’re calling from Capital on Tap, just check your app. You’ll instantly be able to see a banner like the one below, showing if you’re actually on the phone to us.

No banner? No problem, you can double check by going to your app settings (in the top right-hand corner) and clicking ‘Security’. You’ll be able to see your “Active Call status” here - this will tell you if we’re actually talking to you. 

If there’s no active call showing, hang up right away. Don’t believe any excuses from the caller, just end the call and let us know through the app or call us on the number on the back of your card. 


Can’t connect to the internet? Then it’s safer not to answer the call. Your Active Call status will also reflect this, letting you know the verification couldn’t be completed. 

Please be aware this feature only works if you’re speaking to us on the mobile number we have on file for you. 

We will never ask you for the following information 

If someone asks you for any of the following information, end the call straight away. 

  • Your one-time password (OTP) - this is the string of characters or numbers we text you to verify your login
  • Your full card number 
  • CVV - the number on the back of your card
  • Your account password

If someone does ask you for this information, please let our team know so we can investigate. You can do this: 

  • In the app
  • By calling 020 8962 7401
  • Or send an email to 

Across the UK in 2022, scammers stole over £1.2 billion through fraud. That included 45,367 impersonation scams that cost £177.6 million. We're committed to protecting Capital on Tap customers from these kinds of attacks.

That's why we've introduced this new feature to help you easily verify if a caller is actually from us. It's just one way we're working to keep your accounts safe.


How does it work?

The feature lets you instantly see if you're on a real call with Capital on Tap. Check your app for a special banner, or go to your "Security" settings to view your "Active Call Status".

Please note, this will only work if you’re calling from the mobile number we have on file for you. You should always keep your information up to date with us so we can protect your account and reach you if needed.

Will this work in my portal? 

At the moment, this feature is only available in the Capital on Tap app.

What should I do if I suspect a scammer?

Hang up immediately and don't provide any information. Report the call through the app, by phone at 020 8962 7401, or by email to

Will this work for my employees with cards? 

Yes, your employees with Capital on Tap company cards can use this feature in the app too. They'll be able to check for the call banner or their "Active Call Status" just like you can.

Remember, this feature is tied to the mobile number we have on file. So your employees need to be using the number associated with their individual account for the verification to work. You as the main account holder can’t check in your app on their behalf. 

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