Her Fintech Journey: Stories from Capital on Tap's Women

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At Capital on Tap, we're proud to celebrate International Women's Day by showcasing the incredible women driving innovation across our fintech company. From diverse backgrounds, they've joined us on a mission to transform finance.

The FinTech world is rapidly evolving, and we believe diverse perspectives are key to developing solutions that truly meet the needs of our customers. That's why we're delighted to amplify the voices of our talented female colleagues who are breaking boundaries every day.  

In this blog post, you'll hear directly from the women of Capital on Tap as they share their journeys into FinTech. Some started in completely different fields, while others were drawn in by the industry's fast pace and creativity from the start. But all have impactful stories of overcoming challenges, finding their confidence, and making invaluable contributions.

From customer operations to engineering, compliance to marketing, prepare to be inspired!

Ali Reynolds, Product Operations Senior Associate

Capital on Tap was my first ‘professional job’ after finishing my English Literature degree. If you had told me back then that I'd be an expert in business credit cards, I wouldn't have believed you!

I jumped into a customer service role at Capital on Tap, where the word FinTech was completely new to me. I learned everything on the front line and worked my way into Product, where my creative brain got put to the test.

Being a woman in this industry has been eye-opening. I often find myself as the only woman in meetings or dealing with people who know a lot more than me. It can trigger imposter syndrome, making me doubt myself, but after four years, I've learned that my voice matters, regardless of my age or gender.

I also started the first social group for females and those who identify as female at Capital on Tap, which brought together anyone who needed a space to talk, to socialise, or to build relationships. Acknowledging that there needs to be room for women to feel comfortable and empowered in this industry is the first small step, which feels like a leap - but it’s just the beginning!

Eva Long, Lead Data Scientist

I work as a data scientist at Capital on Tap. Before this, I did analytics consulting, mainly with big banks, so I know a lot about the financial service sector.

I wanted a job where I could use data more independently and have a real impact on the business. That's why I joined Capital on Tap. Here, data analytics is super important, especially for things like Credit.

In this job, I've learned how to mix data skills with business smarts to help the company and our customers the best way possible. It's a fast-paced place. I have to balance getting stuff done quickly with making sure the data and analysis are top-notch. Plus, I have to know when to suggest new ideas and when to take a step back and see what we can improve. It's been a challenge, but also a lot of fun. I'm proud of what I've learned and achieved here.

Emma Mohan-Satta, Fraud, FinCrime and Compliance Director

I'm Emma, and I look after Fraud, Financial Crime, and Compliance at Capital on Tap. Before joining the FinTech world here, I spent about 8 years in similar roles in larger, more traditional settings. I was seeking a new challenge, and Capital on Tap offered just that.

My role has exceeded my expectations, providing opportunities to grow and take on more responsibilities. I appreciate FinTech's focus on challenging old ways to create better products for customers. Working in Compliance and Risk in a company that's always innovating has sharpened my ability to balance risk with business goals.

It can be tough to question everything you know about your field, but FinTech is an ideal environment to refine your skills. I'm constantly learning, and my team plays a crucial role in making decisions that protect our business while driving commercial success, which is incredibly rewarding.

Daria Singh, Senior Credit Operations Associate

Hey there, I'm Daria, working as a Senior Credit Operations Associate. My journey into FinTech was quite unexpected. I used to work in retail, where I enjoyed helping customers and providing excellent service. But when I applied to Capital on Tap, a FinTech company, I never thought I'd end up in this fast-moving field.

Joining Capital on Tap was a big step for me, driven by my desire to prove myself. I didn't realise how many challenges and opportunities I'd face. Fintech opened my eyes to a world of innovation and efficiency, where we're always breaking down old barriers. I discovered a passion for using technology to make things easier for small businesses.

Of course, there were tough times. Fintech moves quickly, so I had to keep learning and adapting. But these challenges helped me grow and go beyond what I thought I could do.

Now, after four years here, I feel like I belong in FinTech. Capital on Tap isn't just a job; it's a community with a shared goal. We work together to support small businesses and make finance better. Looking back, I'm glad I took this path. Capital on Tap has opened up new opportunities for me and shown me how I can make a real difference in finance.

Elisabeth Willis, Sales Support Officer

After finishing my degree in English Literature, FinTech was the furthest thing from what I thought I would end up in! Right out of university, a friend referred me for a Customer Operations role, and shortly after, I joined the Sales Operations team.

In my support role, I get to be creative and use the skills I learned in university in a whole new way. It's not just about numbers and technology like I thought it would be! I'm able to make positive changes that benefit small businesses, which is really rewarding.

Every day brings new challenges and opportunities, which keeps things exciting. Sure, there have been hurdles along the way, but working in FinTech has been more fulfilling than I ever imagined. I'm proud to be part of such an innovative company.

Zoe Newman, Director, Special Projects

I found my way to Capital on Tap right after finishing university in 2012. I was bored of making sandwiches and selling cheese at Fortnum and Mason (though I did learn a lot about cheese!). I was looking for something new and challenging, and even though finance wasn't on my radar, the team and the product at Capital on Tap seemed really interesting, so I decided to give it a shot.

Now, after 11 years here, I've learned so much about operations, payments, product development, technology, and building a business from scratch. These were skills I never thought I'd need when I was starting out, but they've been both interesting and challenging along the way.

Starting out as a young woman in the team was daunting at first, but with the support of some great role models, I was able to grow and become more confident in what I could do.

If I could go back and give my 22-year-old self some advice, I'd say: have confidence in yourself and what you know. The people around you are usually cheering you on and believe in you, so believe in yourself too. That confidence can take you further and faster than you might think.

Kamilla Fernandes-Pickett, Marketing and Communications Senior Manager

I’ve been working in the FinTech space for over five years now, coming from the very different world of beauty and personal care. 

I always found the idea of working in the finance or technology sectors extremely intimidating, and I was sure the change would only be temporary, so I could acquire experience in a more agile and dynamic environment. 

I couldn’t have been more wrong, as today I don’t see myself working in a different sector. I love the fast pace, how rewarding it can be to overcome different challenges, and learn about topics I would never encounter otherwise.

Rachel Mason, Senior Compliance Officer

Once upon a time I wanted to be a high-flying city lawyer (think Jessica Pearson from the Netflix series ‘Suits’). I eventually pivoted to Compliance when I learnt I could apply my interest for regulations and legal frameworks in a different way. Friends who worked in the tech space would tell me how innovative and exciting the industry was. So I took a chance on applying for a Compliance role at Capital on Tap and here I am - in a role that gives me the perfect hybrid between law, financial services, and tech.

I heard FinTech was fast-paced but I didn't appreciate how fast until I was in the door. At Capital on Tap, there is always a new idea, project, or initiative in the pipeline. It's the excitement I was looking for and it's really helped sharpen my adaptability and problem-solving skills. I often have to rejig priorities in my role but there’s lots of support and with good communication and collaboration, everything is possible. No two days are the same and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Lauren Harrington, Product Manager

Hi there, I'm Lauren, and I work as a Product Manager at Capital on Tap. My journey into FinTech started in 2017 when I was feeling a bit bored with my job. I met an entrepreneur who had a big idea: helping Africans abroad send money back home quickly and affordably. This was around the time when blockchain technology was becoming popular, so we decided to explore how it could help us achieve our goal.

I got really involved in every aspect of building that startup—from doing research to helping write the whitepaper, speaking at events, and working with developers. I was the first woman to join the team, and they were really supportive and encouraged me to learn and grow. This experience got me excited about fintech and how it can make a difference for people who don't have access to traditional banking services.

After trying out different tech roles, I found my way back to FinTech with Capital on Tap. I'm proud to be part of a product team where there are more women than men, and I love that our company values diversity.

Alexandra Connor, Product Operations Manager

Hello! I’m Alex, the Product Operations Manager at Capital on Tap, where I juggle various roles including being the Netball Captain and resident cocktail maker. 

My journey into FinTech started with an Economics degree and a lot of customer-facing roles, including a stint as a chalet host in the French Alps and an adventure in Australia. Upon returning, I stumbled upon Capital on Tap—a small company offering business credit cards to SMEs (I didn’t even have a credit card when I joined so it was a steep learning curve!). 

Since then, I've learned a ton about technology, payments, and building products. It's been exciting but also challenging because things move really fast in FinTech.  In a predominantly male-dominated space, finding my voice wasn't always easy. However, with determination and the guidance of some strong female mentors, I’ve been able to carve out a path.

Now, I'm focused on helping my team grow and succeed too. We're all about breaking barriers and making FinTech more diverse and inclusive.

Megan Collier, Capacity Planning Manager

I’m Megan, and I've been with Capital on Tap for almost 4 years now. Currently, I'm the Capacity Planning Manager, overseeing a team of Real-Time Analysts.

I started at Capital on Tap as a Customer Operations agent and worked my way up to a Team Leader position before moving into the RTA Department. I was drawn to the company because FinTechs were booming in Cardiff, and they seemed to have a more modern approach to contact centres.

When I joined, I had dreams of getting into management, but I knew my strengths were in analysing data rather than just managing people. I worried that as a young woman without formal data qualifications, I wouldn't be taken seriously. But I got the chance to try out some capacity planning ideas as a Team Leader, and my manager noticed. That led to me becoming the first Real-Time Analyst in the company.

At first, I felt like I didn't belong and had imposter syndrome. But I learned that if I presented my ideas with the right information and data, people took me seriously. They judged me based on my work and dedication, not my age or gender.

Sarah Gibson, Business Operations Manager

Hi there! I'm Sarah, a Business Operations Manager at Capital on Tap. Having been with the company for five years, I've witnessed its remarkable growth from 80 people to over 600! 

My journey into FinTech wasn't planned; I was seeking a generalist role to explore different business functions and work with diverse teams when a recruiter introduced me to the Customer Operations position at Capital on Tap. 

What surprised me most was the lightning-fast pace of innovation and operations within the industry. Despite knowing it was a core value at our company, I was still amazed by how quickly products are developed and processes refined. 

Our company and others like it are changing the way banking works, and it's happening fast! We can usually solve problems much faster than traditional banks can. For example, our customer service phone line usually picks up in just 8 seconds. If you're into new ideas, fast changes, and making things better for users, I'd say FinTech could be a great fit for you!

Kerri-Anne Kelly, Sales Manager

I’m Kerri-Anne and I have been with CoT for a little over a year now. I came across CoT not long after coming back from maternity leave and I was craving a fun and fast paced environment in which I could grow & learn while having the flexibility to still be a mum.

Coming from a background in property both here & in Dubai, I felt that I needed a change and a challenge and I have always been intrigued by the FinTech world.

It’s no shock to anyone that it is predominantly a male led industry, so I was apprehensive about the possibility of being able to progress through the ranks as a female.

Luckily, CoT has curated an incredible culture in which hard work pays off regardless of gender. I am pleased to say that I have had two promotions in the short time I’ve been here (hopefully more to come). The main challenges so far have really been my own lack of confidence and self belief at times! Overall I am excited to keep growing and climbing the ladder at a successful FinTech.

Valentina Rusan, Engineering Team Lead

I have been into maths since I was small and somehow I ended up taking a Computer Science degree and working in Engineering. I would say this was pretty random, because I didn't know what I was getting myself into at that point, but I am so happy I did. 

I always had an interest in the financial sector, even during university. Then I went to work for a hedge fund and eventually ended up working for a FinTech company. I have been working for Capital on Tap for almost 5 years and I am still happy to be here.  

I didn't expect it to be so fast paced, but I am loving it. The best part about it is how much impact you can have from day one and how quickly you can see the output of your work.

One of the challenges I had was being the only female in the room most of the time and developing my confidence. But I am pretty used to it now and I am so happy I have a voice.

Amy Sharer, People Experience Partner

Hi, I’m Amy and I’m the People Experience Partner at Capital on Tap. 

I started here just over two years ago as a Talent Partner after making a career change from working as a nanny throughout covid.I was looking for a people oriented role but in a challenging environment where I could really learn and carve out a long term career path. 

Looking for start up jobs on Otta, I was reached out to by Fay and from our first conversation I knew it was the job for me! I could not have imagined two years ago that I would have learnt, done, and been given as much ownership as I have. The attitude towards piloting new ideas and speed at which we operate definitely takes some getting used to, but I’ve been lucky to have some great support and mentors throughout the business who have helped me get to where I am in my career so far.

The bottom line

These incredible stories show us how important it is to have different voices and perspectives in FinTech. Whether it's shaking up old ways of doing things or embracing new ideas, these women at Capital on Tap are making a real difference. By listening to each other and supporting one another, we're building a better, more inclusive future for finance.

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