How Kara Overcame Adversity to Achieve Flexible Freedom

Kara Owner Of Kara Accountants

Kara started her bookkeeping and accounting practice in 2015 and provides cloud-based services to clients all over the UK. However, the path she followed to this career wasn’t the typical one.

The Importance of Flexibility in Business and Life

As a result of battling bone cancer as a teenager, Kara was left with complications that made it difficult to walk and affected her ability to commute to work. With the birth of her oldest child came the additional motivation to seek out a career path that offered her the flexibility she needed. 

“I already had accounting experience and it was born from there. The most important thing to me is flexibility - I’m able to be present for my family! I also live in a beautiful part of the country and working from home and for myself truly allows me to enjoy that.”

When it comes to managing your small business finances, you know that the right accountant can mean the difference between success and financial disaster. The accuracy of their data and insights is key, but so too is having someone who understands your individual needs.  

“A lot of my clients are families with young children and whilst their businesses are successful, they don’t have a lot of time to spare. So when it comes to their bookkeeping they have their head in the sand - that’s where we come in. We take that burden off their shoulders! They don’t have to do a single thing if they don’t want to. They can literally spend their time making money rather than worrying about their accounts, which is also really important for their mental health.”

Relieving the Burden of Bookkeeping with Capital on Tap

Kara uses her Capital on Tap Business Credit Card to make running her business more rewarding. “Luckily I’m very hot on my cash flow, so the rewards are my biggest pull to the card. I earn cashback on all my purchases and don’t pay any interest as I repay in full every month!”

Earning Rewards and Managing Finances on the Go

As an entirely online-based business, she enjoys using the Capital on Tap app to manage her finances with just a click. 

"I found the website, and the app extremely easy to use. Making repayments is very easy and convenient. I have everything at my fingertips and it means I can access any information I need, no matter where I am.”

Accounting Isn't Just About Numbers: Prioritising Mental Health and Quality of Life

For Kara, accounting isn't just about numbers, it's about creating harmony between work and life. With her determination, she proves that it is possible to make a success out of any situation without compromising your values or quality of life.  

“We don't realise how much we need to give ourselves a break until we actually get there, until we start. It's the same with finances, it doesn't do you any favours keeping your head in the sand. Once you've confronted something and you've approached it, you will feel a lot better. And even if you don't feel better, you know there's a resolution on the way.”

Kara’s story is a testament to the fact that with determination, anything is possible. By taking the time to find the right tools, such as the Capital on Tap Business Credit Card, and prioritising a healthy work-life balance, you can make your vision of success a reality.

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