Thrifted Brings Modern Tech To Vintage Clothes

Thrifted Team Photo Outside Of Warehouse

As one of the leading online vintage clothing retailers in the U.K., Thrifted is working to change the stigma around secondhand fashion. Stocking men's and women’s items from the past, with a particular focus on the 80s and 90s, you can browse their website to find retro sportswear, original designer clothing, and more. 

From student house to warehouse

While at university, Jonny Kemp, Founder and Managing Director of Thrifted, was looking for a side-hustle to make some money. Recognising the interest in vintage fashion among students, he created a Depop page selling clothes - which led to him launching a basic website. 

Despite it being a far cry from the sleek Thrifted’s website we see today, Jonny had success with his student house startup and decided to pursue it after graduating, purchasing warehouse space and building out a team. 

What goes around comes around

Launching fully in 2018, Thrifted believes in circular fashion and that good quality clothing can have multiple ‘lives’. To achieve this vision they have a double-sided strategy when it comes to buying pieces, sourcing trend-led items as well as timeless essentials for their customers. 

Jonny says men’s clothing is generally 80s and 90s led, with classic brands like Ralph Lauren and Nike, but there’s also interest in the workwear world of Carhartt and Dickies. However, the trend-led side of the business is more apparent in womenswear, with the current huge resurgence of 2000’s fashion, due to the rise of Y2K. 

While some of their customers just love the vintage look, others are searching for a more sustainable way to shop. Jonny says, “Consumers are more concerned with where their clothes come from and the true cost of wearing something once.” He believes that by teaching consumers to be more conscious of their impact, fast-fashion wardrobes will be a thing of the past. 

Why Capital on Tap is Thrifted's modern touch in their vintage world

Selling vintage clothes relies heavily on stock, with suppliers often expecting upfront payment. Jonny uses his Capital on Tap Business Credit Card to earn 1% uncapped cashback on his orders from suppliers and manage his cash flow. 

“Our orders can take between 10 - 20 days to arrive, which we then have to unpack, sort, photograph, and get uploaded on the website,” he says. “Using Capital on Tap gives us that flexibility to manage our cash flow, and is particularly useful when we make orders from overseas, as we don’t have to pay foreign exchange fees.” 

These benefits, alongside Capital on Tap’s modern, sleek account management system, mean Thrifted can stay focused on finding the best in quality and style for their customers. 

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