Soho Scarves: Where Timeless Style Meets Modern Flair

Soho Scarves Samples On Table

Soho Scarves is a unique fashion brand that creates stylish scarves for men. Founded by Keith, a retailer with over 20 years of experience in both online and high street markets, the company focuses on updating classic scarf designs for today's modern man.

From side project to success

Keith’s journey into entrepreneurship is as unique as his brand. With a background in music, Keith often found himself donning scarves during performances. However, the market offered limited and expensive options. This realisation, coupled with his extensive experience in retail management at Levi's, inspired him to fill this gap by creating affordable, stylish scarves with a broad range of designs.

“I've been in music for a long time,” Keith explains, “and sometimes I'd wear a scarf while performing with my band. Trying to find a scarf was pretty limited in choices - you had to spend a lot of money or find one second-hand. So, I thought I could make scarves that are a bit fairer in price and offer more variety.”

Initially, Soho Scarves was just a small side project. But as more people discovered the quality and variety of his scarves, the business grew quickly. “I was originally doing it just out of my own interest and for some extra money,” Keith says. “But over the past few years, it’s taken off. Once people find you and they get a scarf they like, they don’t just buy one scarf!”

The designs at Soho Scarves are a product of collaborative creativity. Keith’s fiancée, an artist, and a textile designer friend contribute to creating unique patterns and concepts. Initially relying on factory designs, the business now boasts exclusive creations produced locally in Macclesfield, UK. 

Navigating entrepreneurship

For Keith, the most rewarding aspect of running Soho Scarves is the control and creative freedom it offers. While the initial phase was stressful due to the constant need to stay engaged, the ability to steer the business’s direction is incredibly fulfilling. 

“I think a lot of others would agree with me that the best part of being a business owner is not having somebody tell you what to do,” Keith reflects. “It’s quite stressful because you can’t switch off, but you control what you’re doing and how successful you are. It’s you doing it.”

He loves the freedom to try new ideas and respond quickly to what customers want. “I will try stuff,” Keith admits. “I’ve got no patience, which can be a good thing and a bad thing.” 

Turning points into perks with Capital on Tap

The Capital on Tap Business Credit Card has been a great asset for Soho Scarves. Initially recommended by Keith's accountant, the card quickly proved its value to Keith when he discovered that he could use the points earned for gift cards for himself.

The ability to earn 1% cashback on every purchase has been a game changer for him. “The 1% cashback on all expenses is fantastic,” Keith notes. “It’s really helped with managing costs and getting a bit back on every purchase.” This benefit prompted Keith to put major expenses, such as Facebook ads, through the card, allowing him to benefit from the cashback.

Additionally, the card's features, such as weekly repayments have been useful for Soho Scarves. “You can pay the balance after a week, which means you can really rack into your credit limit,” Keith says. This flexibility has allowed him to manage cash flow more effectively and invest in growth opportunities, further supporting the success of his business.

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