Transforming Lives, Growing Businesses: Natural Health Solutions

Natural Health Solutions business owner Kerry in front of rollerbanners

Kerry Madgwick is a highly skilled professional in the field of health and wellness, offering her expertise as a clinical nutritionist, hypnotherapist, trauma release specialist, and the dedicated owner of Natural Health Solutions

As individuals increasingly explore alternative and holistic approaches to maintain their health, Kerry stands as a passionate advocate for natural remedies. Motivated by her personal journey towards improved well-being, she established Natural Health Solutions to ensure that others do not endure similar struggles alone. Swiftly gaining recognition, Natural Health Solutions has evolved into a trusted platform where Kerry shares her vast knowledge and empowers fellow entrepreneurs to take charge of their own health.

She runs group programs and sees clients on a one-to-one basis for both hypnotherapy and nutritional advice, either separately or in conjunction. Additionally, she delivers talks about health and wellbeing, covering topics such as diet, lifestyle, and mind management, to various groups.

Finding reward in transformation

When talking to Kerry, her genuine excitement when talking about the changes she witnesses in her clients is clear to see. Kerry explained how she loves seeing them make improvements in their health, thanks to changes they never realised they could make.“After years of disappointment and no progress, it’s truly magical to see them develop a belief in their ability to take back control of their health.”

Kerry went on to mention that many of the individuals who seek her help have often exhausted traditional medicinal options and turned to her as their last resort, convinced that they’ll never see improvements in their health. However, after they learn simple tricks and techniques from Kerry, she starts to observe her clients' mindsets shifting over time. “I love seeing clients come to realise that they can take back control of their health - it’s incredibly rewarding - seeing them get their energy and health back and helping clients understand how much control they have over their health and wellbeing makes everything worth it.”

Strength in community 

When asked what piece of advice she would give to other small business owners, Kerry highlighted the significance of finding a network and community of like-minded individuals, either within or outside of one's industry. 

Kerry regularly connects with her network of fellow small business owners both online and in person. Recognising that running a business can often be isolating, she expressed, "there are so many people in the same boat as you. Finding a network of these people who you can share your thoughts with can be a lifeline." With her insightful words, Kerry encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to pursue their passion, but seek supportive communities for a thriving business journey.

Eliminating the stress from running a small business

"I was very resistant at first - I thought I didn't need a business credit card - but it’s so helpful. I like using it to purchase things rather than using a debit card - it just gives you that added security," admits Kerry when reflecting on her initial hesitation about the Capital on Tap business credit card. She soon realised its value in providing security and peace of mind for her business transactions. Moreover, the convenience of creating and deleting virtual cards within minutes through the app eliminated worries about her card information falling into the wrong hands.

As Kerry delves further into her experience, she emphasises the remarkable customer service she receives from Capital on Tap. Contrasting it with her past encounters with traditional banks, Kerry shares, "The customer service is excellent - I didn't get that from my bank, but when I’ve needed to contact Capital on Tap, there’s always a person on the other end of the phone that answers in seconds. Everyone I’ve spoken to is always so helpful." The swift responses and helpful assistance she consistently receives have solidified her trust in the company and reinforced her decision to choose Capital on Tap as her financial partner in her small business journey; "everything is easy with Capital on Tap. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anybody."

Inspired by Kerry's journey, other small business owners can follow in her footsteps and discover the benefits of the Capital on Tap business credit card. With enhanced security, exceptional customer service, and simplified financial management, it becomes a powerful tool for unlocking their own small business dreams.

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