Sipping on Success: The Special Cider Company

Julia And Mark Hold Up A Cider Bottle Behind A Bar At A Food Festival (1)

Julia Jackson is the owner of The Special Cider Company, a venture deeply rooted in the rich heritage of The Cider House in Quatt, Shropshire, one of only two remaining cider houses in the UK.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree

As the daughter of The Cider House’s owners, who have been curating exceptional cider experiences since 1986, Julia's journey into entrepreneurship was a natural evolution of her family's cider legacy. 

The story of The Special Cider Company begins with the renowned Cider House Special premium cider, a time-honoured recipe dating back to 1976. Crafted from 100% apple juice using British apples, this cider has been a staple at The Cider House. 

In 2017, seizing the opportunity to share the magic of their cider on a broader scale, Julia and her husband, Mark, established The Special Cider Company. Their vision was to extend beyond the local charm of The Cider House and introduce their premium cider to a national audience through commercial bottling. Now stocked in hundreds of outlets, The Special Cider Company is enjoyed across the country.

Local charm to countrywide acclaim

For Julia and Mark, the most rewarding aspect of running The Special Cider Company is the personal connection they forge with their customers. Whether engaging with people at events, or food festivals, they cherish every opportunity to share their passion for exceptional cider. According to Julia, "No customer or stockist is ever too small; even a tiny food and drink festival is a chance to discover something extraordinary."

Left, Julia owner of The Special Cider Co. Right, a bottle of their infamous cider

When asked about advice for other small business owners, Julia's message is clear: "Give it a try." Embracing the unknown is natural, but dwelling on fear and apprehension can hinder progress. For Julia and Mark, taking the leap into commercial bottling was a risk that opened doors to new possibilities.

Sipping on success

Managing a business like The Special Cider Company requires careful financial planning. With four vans delivering cider across the country, and costly production cycles, the couple relies on their Capital on Tap Business Credit Card to facilitate their operations. The card covers fuel expenses and bridges cash flow gaps, while also providing valuable cashback that is reinvested into the business

As Julia and Mark continue to make waves in the cider industry, their story exemplifies the spirit of entrepreneurship and the rewards that come with embracing the unknown. The Special Cider Company stands as a testament to the passion and dedication woven into every bottle of their premium cider, inviting enthusiasts nationwide to savour a taste of their family's legacy.

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